Sunday, July 3, 2011

12. My High School Clique

(not my yearbook)
I'm sure that people thought I was "in" with some group in school.. but its really hard for me to pinpoint which one... because I didn't really fit into one group.

Lets review Teh Megan's high school social situation.
1.  Band Nerd, 1st/only chair Euphonium, eventually librarian, then I quit halfway through 11th grade cause my band director was an asshole and refused to call me by ANY of my names.
2.  Athletic, abet a very bad athlete.  I was that girl who tried out, made the team because I tried out, but wasn't really that good at anything, so mostly got to do the bench warming job, or the backstroke, cause I had a KILLER backstroke.
3.  Smart.  All APP/honors classes, wishing I could take something fun where I could not use my brain like home ec for making cookies, or horticulture so I could go play in the dirt, but never ROTC because that military crap wasn't for me..
4.  People knew me.  I am one of FOUR (now five) people with my last name in my county.  It wasn't a secret whose daughter I was.  Teh Mom was active in my school community all the way through.  Teh Dad shot some puppies at the landfill, which made us infinitely more popular.  Thanks, Dad.  (I NEVER miss the opportunity to give him grief over this, EVAR)
5.  Employed.
6.  Owned a car.
7.  Awesome (ok, I added that because I needed to make myself feel better).
Too bad I'm not a good drawer, maybe I could have been the artist?  (image)
So, often Teh Megan's high school clique was confused.  Do you call her a nerd because she's in all those smart classes?  Do you call her one of the "jocks", even though she really sucks?  Do you call her a band nerd cause she was in band, but then she quit (this complicates things)?  Do you call her awesome and a friend because she has a car and she can take you places?  Do you worry that she will shoot you because her dad (hahaha, never not funny!)?  Do you think she'll give you a discount at the grocery store she worked at?

It was really confusing.  Add to that, I wasn't hanging out with the popular kids.. which I realized about halfway through my senior year.  Not that this hurt my feelings any, because from the stories I was hearing, they were going to the river and getting drunk, and I already had enough on my plate my senior year of high school (Teh Crazy Mom and the Ex-Fiance' (who was just a bf then) that Teh Crazy Mom didn't like and Teh Megan going to college and Teh Gram dying.. too much, too much).

So.. my high school clique was me only.  A busy life of going to school to my nerd classes, then to work, mean while quitting the swim team because work was interfering and I wasn't able to really swim for the beginning of the season because I'd pulled a muscle in my stomach (which now that I think about it could be related to Endo), which the doc thought was me trying to say I needed a pregnancy test because Teh Going Crazy Mom was there.. Siiigh, I hate being a girl..

I found this highly amusing (image)

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