Saturday, July 16, 2011

Adventures w/ Teh Bear. Part 3.

Most proven true fact of Teh Bear's vacation: I am directionally challenged.  Not only do I struggle with my left vs my right (no jk, and yes I'm 25 years old), but I also question myself, so when I am actually going the right way, I tell myself I'm not and then spend at least 20 minute trying to figure out the other way and then another 10 trying to get back to where I was to begin with.

Since our last adventure story, which ended with crepes after Wahoo, we've been super boring.

We went to the "Green Door" (a Thai restaurant near the Gold Souq that I have no idea the real name of) with Will the Marine and the Lady In-and-Out of Bahrain.  Followed by a trip to Carriefour, a grocery store at one of the malls here.  Its actually a French grocery store, but  it has food, so I'm not picky.  Yay for groceries and not having to eat out every meal.  Although, I'm certain that Teh Bear is not as big of a fan of enchiladas as I am.  We got crepes again after the grocery store visit, and the lady remembered my order, woot.

We finished watching The Pacific.  We I got super drunk.  Our scheduled massage didn't take place because I made the appointment for 730p and around 1p (= my 1am) they called and said they needed us to come in early, so I said, ok we can be there at 7.  They said, no 4p.  I said, that doesn't work for us.  Apparently, they were starting renovations at 5pm.  Who the hell starts renovations in the middle of the business day????  I was super pissed because they have the best prices in the country (47bd for a couples massage vs 70bd+?  sure thing), that I've found.

The most interesting thing we did was go to the Bahrain Fort at night.
I stole this because I still haven't uploaded photos to my computer yet.  (Teh Bear's photo)
This was when I showed my directionally challenged-ness.  I went the right way the first time, but doubted myself, so I ended up passing the turn and then we did a nice circle through Manama, and ended up back where we started, with me saying "stay to the left" and promptly turning right, which thoroughly confused Teh Bear till I explained to him that I knew what I meant!

We finally made it to the Fort, took photos and sweated our asses off for about 45 minutes before they closed.  Then, we headed to Coco's for dinner, where the service was quick AND amazing (for the first time evar), then to Cafe Lilou's for dessert, despite finding crepes on the menu at Coco's.  Cafe Lilou's desserts > Coco's desserts by default because Cafe Lilou's come in a cold case.  No photos took place for this, which is sad because dinner and dessert were both amazing.  I tried a new dessert at Lilou's, all I remember is that it was a rectangle shape and delicious.  Teh Bear had the Dome a Chocolate, probably spelled with some apostrophes and in French.

Progressing through the week :(, we watched the last (please note, I almost put final, but that so media cliche) Harry Potter movie with some of my homies from work, picked up a crepe (of course), then we fought through 45 minutes of traffic to pick up Teh Bunny Killer (named for his love of the Killer Bunnies game (yes this is a real game)) and deliver him to the airport so he can get off the island and start his own leave.

For the 2nd night in a row Pizzabella thwarted Teh Bear's desire for pizza, which meant he had to consume enchiladas again, yum!

But Teh Bear brought The Muppet's Show with him and I've never seen it before, but the parts that I've seen while writing this blog have definitely amused me.  Although, the super amount of sparkly clothes on the human guests definitely scream SEVENTIES!  The jokes are still pretty funny.

What's an amoeba?
I don't know, I'm not from here either!
And the bestest act ever:

hehehehehehehe, you're welcome.


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