Thursday, July 7, 2011

Q: Will I blog about anything in the next two week not related to Teh Bear's visit?

A: Probably not.  Because:  I'M SO UNFREAKIN' BELIEVABLY EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND MYSELF.  Still, because now Teh Bear is actually here.  He's hibernating right now, which was good, because I got to also take a nap, since the 9 hours of sleep that I'd had in the past two days was starting to debilitate my ability to speak normally.

Talking about watermelon juice.
Me:  You just take pineapple and ice and blend it together.

When I picked up Teh Bear at the airport (5-10 minutes before he walked out, whewww!), our first destination was a 1-hour dry cleaner to get his suit cleaned for our fancy smancy date tomorrow for brunch.  I most definitely drove straight home.  Got all the way to my parking spot and realized, shit, we were in the wrong place...  Luckily, we were still moving when I realized this and we just went straight to the dry cleaners.

Note: Dolphin Laundry off American Alley did an AMAZING job with his suit and it was only 3BD.  It was dry cleaned and pressed and they literally were carrying it out to put on the rack when we walked through the door about 4-5 hours later, when I'd told them we'd pick it up.  Much better than the place that did my uniform for the JSOQ boards and failed to iron an entire sleeve.  Le sigh.

Other example would include me mixing up the order of words while I'm speaking, making me sound dyslexic.  And no jk..  I typed in "dislexic" (<3 spell check), and I honestly thought, wait isn't that an eating disorder?  No, thats anorexia.  But whats the other one?  Lexic has to do with dictionaries and words.  You've got the right word, retard.

But, now I'm off to base to finish the project that I did last night...  except for the most important part which was email it to my LPO.  Teh Megan fail.  Luckily, it will only take a few minutes, but I'm sure Teh Bear will be finished hibernating by the time I get back... then again, if I'm lucky.. maybe not.  ;)

Sorry no photos, I did take some photos of everyone at dinner tonight, but nothing crazy, and my camera is currently so far away from where I'm sitting..

Ok, fine I was feeling bad so I did a search for funny pics.  Don't judge my originality.  You wish you were me.

Mostly it was icanhazcheeseburger type stuff, cute, but not so much always funny.  This is what I'm sharing with you, Gentle Reader.

Fitting right?  (image)
This one is for Teh Bear (image)
While amusing, ever so creepy.  This is why no one likes going to the dentist.  (image)
Don't ever tell anyone I never did nothin' for you.



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