Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shameless plug for how excited I am!

So, I'm finally to the point in my tour in Bahrain that I'm allowing myself to take leave.  AND I'M SO UNFREAKIN' BELIEVABLY EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND MYSELF (emphasis necessary), to include the inability to sleep and the desire to write an entire blog post about how freakin' excited I actually am.  Ahhh, yay blog.

PIN. PIN. PIN. PIN...... (image)
Apparently, I forgot to post a blog yesterday.  Oops, my bad, I was studying my brain full of EIDWS...  Instructions, report types, terrorist organizations, electromagnetic spectrum, message types, form numbers.. sadly nothing on my test about ADM Grace Hopper, the flagships, wave characteristics, LCDR Fox shooting down the first enemy jet in the Gulf War, WW2 battles, intelligence significance, supply related crap...  all the other stuff that was on the 6 packs of flashcards that I made (that LOTS of people are now requesting to partake ownership of).  Of a 12 hour shift, I spent over 8.5 hours studying, an hourish doing laps, 30 minutes for a shower, the rest was spent bsing, eating, struggling to stay awake (once that glazed over feeling from studying started to hit), and staring into space.

And then at 09 this morning (after being awake since 5pm the night before), I took my test.  Pretty sure we got the dreaded "imagery" test, which I mostly flew through until I got to the nerdy tech stuff, because this stuff surpasses any tech nerd quals that I already had.  I mean, I did start my Cisco cert after college, but I think I got through section 3/4 before I no longer had the motivation or need to finish it.  3-300KHz=VLF, EHF, ELF VEHLF (very extremely high low frequency for those of you who haven't seen that one)??, idk, my head hurts.  Either way, hell yeah 88.75%!  Most of the ones that I got wrong were ones that I wasn't sure about, so I didn't feel as bad.

I do think he had at least removed
the seeds (image)
Side note.  This morning, I was sitting in my vacation seat on the watchfloor (cause I don't normally sit on the watchfloor), and I started smelling something funky.  Not a bad smell, just not a 5am smell.  And I hear a crunch, someone is eating, at what most would consider breakfast, due to time over target of day... I start looking around to recce what this occurrence was.  I look over and there is an officer with something green in his hand, and at first I thought it was a clump of celery, because something had a green, funky smell.  But it was too dark for celery, then my next thought was the leafy base of cauliflower because it was round-ish, but who eats that?  Then, I watched him take a bite out of this object like it was an apple and it hit me, A GREEN PEPPER?  Who the fuck eats a raw green pepper for breakfast?  Wait, who the fuck eats a raw green pepper, period.  That guy, apparently.  WTF.  (side, side note.  Since its Wednesday, this reminds me of WTF Weds.)

But back to being SO UNFREAKIN' BELIEVABLY EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND MYSELF..  For the first time ever, I told Teh Bear I'll see you soon when we got off Skype this morning at my 5am (that whole not sleeping part really was true) and I actually get to see him in less than 24 hours.

I'm one of those people that like to wait until they absolutely can't stand their command and/or anyone's faces related to that command and finally take leave..  Well, not everyone, but the point is..  I'm tired of NAVCENT, and that's putting it nicely.  I need a break, and I've needed one for a while.  I've been here 9 months and NAVCENT is a special realm of hell where everyone's hair is on fire, everything was needed 2 days ago, how did you not know that?!, and "are you SURE?" is asked about every call ever made on things that aren't even questionable.  I'm not actually sure how people stand being here for 2+ years (maybe their job is more satisfying than mine and they don't have to deal with idiots questioning everything you say?).

But, Teh Bear is headed to MCO right now.  He's jumpin properly boarding on his 7something7 plane (that he said has power outlets, woah so high tech) and hoppin the pond to visit the middle east in the middle of the summer for me... well, and for him too since its also his vacation, but I'm a pretty awesome reason too.  (that sentence made more sense in my head, only 4 hours of headache-d sleep, don't judge me.)

Remember me?
I've got some super awesome things scheduled.  Specifically, we're doing a Mini GP race in Go Karts at the Formula 1 track.  Hello, Opportunity of a Lifetime, I'm Teh Megan, lets make this happen.  We're also going to one of the water parks here..  In addition to the normal touristy stuff (the Mosque, the souq, Tree of Life, potentially a fort if I can motivate myself), we're getting massages (much needed), hanging out with my peeps (and one of his peeps, yay GTMO friends in Bahrain (aka island hoppers)!), we are dressing up to go to on a brunch date at the Golden Tulip (I heard you can pick out your own steak there..  Reservation=made, now to see if they have a crepe stand), watching The Pacific (which we've been waiting to be together to see), and we are being generally unmotivated and lazy, because that's how I like my vacations..

So now, the United flight status page has been added to my bookmarks so I can internet stalk Teh Bear while he's in transit.  <3 technology.  Is it go to the airport time yet?!?!???!?!?!?!?  No?  Ok, fine, I'll go to base and write my eval and brag sheet like a good little sailor girl to pass the time.. and maybe go to the gym because I have nothing better to do..  and it better pass by quickly....

Summary (because this blog was slighty random and I care for you, Gentle Reader):
Oops, my bad no blog yesterday.
Yay 88.75% on my EIDWS test.
Who the fuck eats a green pepper for breakfast?
SUPER YAY Teh Bear is coming!
Schedule of good times.
plans to pass the time.

you're welcome.


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