Friday, May 25, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday #1

I've been working on making friends here in S.MD and I met a couple at church  (I will have to figure out a Teh nickname for them as we get to know each other better!).  She writes a blog that I'm reading and one of things that I really wanted to copy (isn't that what we do in the blogging world?) was fill in the blank Fridays!

Hopefully, I can manage to stay on this boat, as it is just a weekly post, but we all know how I end up being about things like blogging schedules..... oops.

At least this doesn't require an extra work (like taking a photo) other than some typing, which I'm really good at.  :)

So for my first fill in the blank Friday, here we goooo!


1.  The best surprise ever would be: Teh Bear telling me he found a job and that he needs me to fly down to FL to help him move up to MD...  or Teh Bear being moved into my apartment when I came back from Australia.  Either of those are valid options.

2.  Laughing with anyone are my favorite memories (ok, I took some liberty on that one).

3.  The hardest, but most worthwhile thing I've ever done was: gone to college, joined the navy, never, ever, ever getting back into a relationship with someone after we'd broken up.

4.  The best part of my day is: Getting to talk with Teh Bear since he usually makes me laugh/smile.

5.  Something I like that most people don't is: Livermush.

6.  Something I am willing to fight for is: fairness.

7.  Something you might not know about me is: Rarely do I believe that I'm a nice person and I often worry that I'm being "mean" or "bitchy".

YAY for first times!!  I love doing new things on Teh Blog!!


  1. I often worry that I'm being mean too, and so I feel like I'm overly nice to compensate, and THEN I feel like it makes me seem fake. It's a terrible cycle.

    Welcome to the fun world of FITBF! :)

  2. Laughing makes great memories!


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