Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the meantime...

I'm still working on Scotland #3 post pics...  but this was too funny to not share, and too long to share on FB....

I was at work and Teh Bear signed onto FB so I was chatting with him.  Then this conversation actually happened:

Teh Megan: I feel guilty, I had to destroy someone’s foreign passport today.
Teh Bear: I don't see why you are feeling guilty. I mean did you decide it had to be done, or were you told to do it?
tM: cause its a PASSPORT!  it had to be done. i was told to do it.  it was like when i started highlighting my textbooks in college after growing up with the "we don't write in books" rule.  but not like, slit my wrists guilty..
tB: no reason for guilt to enter the picture then
tM: just it was an important document and i SHREDDED THAT SUCKA guilt
tB: it's job.  and you did it
tM: sometimes i dont think you understand my guilt problems.
tB: it's like naming animals that are going to be killed.  makes you feel guilty when you have to do it
tM:  WHAT?  Not related.
tB: i'm just saying.  naming farm animals isn't a common practice as far as I've seen.  cause I certainly asked.
tM:  lol
tB: something about killing buddy the chicken for dinner makes people think twice
tM: way to quickly and DEFINITELY change the subject.  Lol.  Buddy the chicken?  Who names their chickens?  How do you even tell chickens apart?  We should ask Teh Ginger.  He’d know.

........side conversation with Teh Ginger was had.  I inquired if he had named his chickens.......

tM: Teh Ginger named the chickens.
tB: not the same.  I would name egg laying chickens.  I don't have to break their neck or pluck their feathers.  I mean it would different if I named the Chicken....say...Jesse and he acted like an asshole.  I'd have no remorse for killing that chicken.  but I mean....I couldn't name it Megan then have to kill it and eat it.  I'd starve.  Lol
tM: hahaha.  thanks babe.  i love you too.

Does anyone else have ridiculously funny and strange conversations with their significant other?  Because really, Teh Bear (and sometimes Teh Sister and Teh BFF) are the only people that I have these strange types of conversations with.  Although, Teh BFF and I have a lot more random conversations that jump from subject to subject with no warning.

What I learned today: Teh Bear wouldn't name an animal he was planning on killing, Megan.  Good to know.  I'm going to see if I start calling his steaks "Megan", if he'll eat them.. or if the rule only applies when he's seen it while it's alive....  



  1. Only counts if they are still alive. Postmortem is fair game.

  2. I have crazy conversations with my husband all the time. We say if people heard our conversations, they'd either think we're really funny or crazy haha :)

  3. I believe we're really funny.. so I like sharing our silly conversations with the world. :)

    I'm sure that there is a consensus that we're crazy though.


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