Friday, May 11, 2012

Scottish Meals

I posted while I was in Scotland about eating the local foods and trying to share that with you.  I'm sure all my Gentle Readers were waiting with abated breath.

My summary of Scottish/English food:  It's GREASY!  It would definitely take a period of getting used to.  Everyone that I talked to concurred that they were "moved" by the foods we were eating.  Not that the food was bad, but it was different, for sure.

The best thing I had the entire trip, besides the sticky toffee pudding (which doesn't count since it was dessert), was Sunday buffet/brunch/dinner.. I'm not sure what they referred to it as, but it was usually roasted turkey, roasted lamb, roasted pork, sausage wrapped in bacon, several vegetable options, several potato options, a oatmeal stuffing (which was actually pretty good), and some puff pastry thingies (that I didn't think had a taste) and probably other things I forgot.  Sadly, I did not get a photo of this spread because I was busy stuffing my face so I forgot and the day that I got my plate to go, I left my camera and phone at the hotel and I was starving so photos were sacrificed.  I know, I'm such a bad blogger!  :)

But food pictures:
My first "fish and chips".. ok actually its a tuna sandwich with literal chips.  Not the same, but I thought it was funny!

My first dessert was pancakes with ice cream and cherries.  I really wanted pancakes.  I forgot to take a picture of my dinner which was Tapas (which were greasy).

Cullen Skink.  Which is Haddock (fish) in a potato soup.  It wasn't so bad, but it was really greasy.
Definitely didn't need that butter on my bread.

Victoria Sponge, which is a sponge cake with strawberry jam and buttercream between the cakes.
It wasn't as impressive as I wanted it to be.

Natties and Tatties (or something like that).  This is ground beef in a gravy/sauce (natties?) with mushed up carrots (orange), mashed potatoes (tatties?) with some oat stuffing (which was interesting).

This actually wasn't my meal, but it was Yorkshire Pudding
Bangers and Mash = sausage + mashed potatoes + peas + pie bowl.  Also not my meal, but definitely encouraged several dirty comments.

Fish and chips and beer... and a Nikon.. none of which was mine.
Steak.. w/ fries and peas.. and mushrooms.. and a roasted tomato... my meal.

McDonald's... Big Mac..  Tasted the same to me.
The sandwich that was NOT consumed:  Cheese, mayo, diced onion, and I assume that green stuff is parsley?  I used my finger and tested it after smelling it.  It was a NO GO.

My own Yorkshire Pudding type meal.  The puff pastry wasn't that good, so I just tossed it off since it had arrived on top of my beef, which tasted like pot roast to me.

The most delicious thing Scotland has to offer:  Sticky Toffee Pudding.  It's a chocolate-like cake with toffee sauce and ice cream.  This place was ok, but the hotel where we were staying was the BBBEEESSSTTTT.. and I only got to have it once because their menu changed...... ultimate crushedness.

The hotel was nice enough to pack a sandwich for me since I was going to work.  I asked for a ham sammich.  I started eating it and realized something tasted extremely familiar and not right at the same time.  Then I played sandwich surgery and realized I was eating chunks of butter.  Nothing says you're a fatty and you're gonna fail your physical fitness test like eating straight butter.  I ate the ham off the sammich and called it day.

My final fish and chips.  With a salad and pureed peas (who thought serving baby food was acceptable?)
The tarter sauce was delicious btw.

Those are all the food photos from my phone.

I'm still going through pics from my camera (all 1k of them), but there were no food photos on there to my knowledge.  But since there are so many pics, its still taking a pretty long time to get through all the photos.  I'll get through them eventually and share some of them here for you.  There were some pretty awesome sights to see, including Loch Ness (maybe you'll find Nessie in my photos?), several castles, a ruined cathedral, beautiful scenery driving through the SW/Western part of the country, several distilleries, a national park (Cairngorms), some roundabouts, some civilization, and some crazy signs.

So you should be excited, Gentle Reader, cause I might just get motivated before I go to Australia and post some pics!!  :)

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