Monday, May 28, 2012

Fashion doesn't agree with me...

I'm not a large person.. and I don't mean I'm not fat.. I mean.. I'm vertically challenged.  This doesn't mean I'm oddly proportioned (except for Tuner and Volume (aka my boobs)), it just means I'm small.

So when I buy sunglasses, I try to buy frames that are small.  Mostly so you can still tell I have a face, but also so I don't look like a bug.

I got some fake-lys right before I left Bahrain.  A white pair and a black pair.  The black pair broke right before Thanksgiving.  I dropped them on my way in the hangar and the arm broke halfway down and there was no fixing it.  They were still wearable, but the remaining arm piece kinda digs into my temple and it looks kinda silly.  The white pair have endured a LOT of abuse from living in my purse.  The arms are broken in several places, but they are still wearable.  Ghetto, but wearable.

Before leaving for Australia, I really wanted to have new sunglasses so that way I wouldn't have to be embarrassed about the ghetto-ness that was my Fake-lys.  On Sunday, I went by Kohl's since I have several coupons to there from Teh Sister.  I didn't have anyone with me to help me judge, which was tricky, but luckily, I have a cell phone....

This is what I sent to Teh Sister via text message:

Big and rounded.

big and squared.
I'm not actually sure what is up with those strands of hair that are standing straight up.  I guess I rock the Alfalfa look since no one mentioned it to me?

big and flared.

big and white.

Hello, 1993 called, they want their glasses back.

When I saw the last pair, I knew I had to take a photo with them to sent to Teh Sister.  I'm pretty sure that Teh Mom had a pair of actual glasses in frames like this, except the frames were gold instead of black.  I used to wear Teh Mom's glasses around because I wanted glasses too (everyone else in my family has them, I felt left out).  I also later wanted braces.. except I actually got that wish.. partially.

She said that she would actually go out in public with me if I was wearing the white ones so I bought those and a black pair that are not pictured here.  YAY for new sunglasses!  Although.. I probably should have picked up a case for them since I'm so abusive....

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