Sunday, May 20, 2012

Adventures in Scotland... #2

One day, I decided to take a walk.  I really didn't get to go very far because it was extremely windy and I had to meet with someone, so I only had about 45ish minutes to be out.  I walked down to the beach and then back up the street behind the hotel.

Moray Golf Course.  People were out here in the rain, wind, sun, snow..  These people are dedicated to their sport.

Snow capped mountains make me happy.

The lighthouse

Bye-bye, Birdie.

We can save your life here.


The lighthouse, closer

Everything in Scotland grows.

Boats at the Marina

Don't mind me, I'm just watchin you.

Stotfield Hotel, where most of us stayed.

I bet this place is where it's at...  probably best place to find a Scottish man in a kilt... before dark.

The church up the street.

The school up the street.

View from the top of the hill.

This wasn't the church bell, but cool bell nonetheless.

Seriously serious about golf.

Seagull, master of the chimney.

EVERYTHING grows.  Even the houses.

Who needs to stop, when you can just "give way?"

Mandatory flower photos.  These were at the hotel.
After these, I went and picked up my rental car!  Which was an almost disaster.  I got a ride from one of the Chief's who was going to pick up someone in Aberdeen.  After a fiasco just trying to find the place, I get in and find the Enterprise desk and wave him off.  So Chief left.

The girl working the desk comes up and asks me when I need a rental.
I say, "today."
She says, "I'm sorry, I don't have anything available right now."
Me:  What?
Her:  I'm sorry, I don't have anything available right now?
Me:  Uhhh.. seriously?
Her: *glares at me*
Me:  *panic takes over, I run back to the door to verify that Chief really has left.  He had.  I was stranded in Elgin with no way to call anyone, nor did I know anyone's number to call.*  Nothing... at all?  Because, I got a ride here, and he already left and I have no way to call him to say come back.. and I'm kinda stranded here.  *I feel tears start to well up*
Her:  Let me check something.

She proceeded to print out some papers, crossed some items off, circled some things, then a miracle happened...
Her:  I do have a car available.  It was just dropped off though, so let me go get it cleaned.
Me:  If it wasn't inappropriate, I'd give you a hug right now.  Thank you SOOO much!

We took care of the paperwork, I looked the car over, and I was on my way.

Driving was much fun...  and not as challenging as I expected.  :)
That evening I went out to dinner at a place called 1629.  That was the night I had Tapas and failed to get a photo.  But I did get a photo of the pancakes for dessert!  Before going in for dinner, I got these photos on my phone (since I didn't have my camera with me):

When it rains a lot, you tend to get a lot of rainbows!  

The beach area across from the 1629 restaurant.  It was starting to drizzle, but this photo made me wish I'd brought my camera along!

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