Friday, June 8, 2012

Adventures in Scotland... #3

Continuing from post #2, the castle that we had ventured out for:  Eilean Donan.  This castle is still in use by the family, but the main parts are open for touring.  Photography wasn't really allowed inside, so I tried to keep my photos to a minimum.  The landscape around the castle was breathtaking, so it made up for the limited photos inside.  It took us about 3ish hours to get here, with all our photo stops along the way.  This castle is about 1.5 hours away from Loch Ness.  Totally worth it.

We had lunch here then headed back to civilization as the rain clouds started to roll in.  We hit the rain on our way back towards Loch Ness, which made for a difficult decision when it came to the next castle...

For better quality, click on the pics.

Part of this castle is still used by the family for "holiday".

The storm clouds started to roll in.

The portcullis, aka the gate.  

A plaque on a rock in the atrium garden.

Looking up at the castle from the riverbed.

Such symmetry.

These were growing from the walls of the castle.  EVERYTHING in Scotland grows.

Storm's a comin'.

Goodbye, Eilean Donan!
As we headed back towards civilization, I noticed a statue on the side of the road so we stopped to investigate.  We discovered a cemetery and a WW1 memorial.

The MacRae Family cemetery, probably associated with the castle.

The view from the path.

WWI MacRae Family Memorial.

The statue up close.

Something growing from the "building" walls in the cemetery.

Colorful moss.

Boring moss.

Lichen covered gravestone.

The path to the monument was apparently "Kevin's Way".  Good to know.
Hopefully, Kevin didn't mind us trespassing.

You beautiful snow covered mountain, you.

Next up, we went to Urquhart Castle (ruins)...

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