Friday, June 29, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday #6


1.   The last movie I saw was   Thor.  Teh Bear and I watched it on our 6 hour Skype date!  :) 

2.  I want to   go on a real vacation..  not sure where..  or when.. but eventually. 

3.  Surprises are   awesome.  Sometimes I'm hard to surprise though, and I think that sometimes people just don't want to have to put the effort into keeping things from me, so I don't get surprised as often as I'd like (if we're talking preferences here).  I also love to surprise people.  Example: Christmas 2011 when my family had NO CLUE I was coming home..  And I even cut my hair short and didn't tell anyone so make for even more surprises..  :)  I win! 

4.  The best accessory is   awesome earrings.  I'm really excited about wearing my bomerrang earrings from Australia soon!! 

5.  My favorite warm drink is   either a peppermint mocha or pumpkin spice latte...  

6.  My favorite cold drink is   SWEET TEA, like every good Southerner. 

7.  Currently loving   Teh Phil boy being particularly sweet and awesome.  Except for Tuesday morning when both of his front feet dug into the top of my foot as he stretched...  OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHHHHH.  I'm also extremely particial to his "Dobby ears"...  /swoon.   

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