Monday, July 2, 2012

A real update

Dear Gentle Readers,

Let me complain to you for a moment or two.. or three.

I have been experiencing this mysterious back/abdominal pain since April 9th, when I went to the ER for said mysterious pain.  The ER doc said, "We think it was just a trapped gas bubble from your surgery."  I called BS, but there is little someone without a medical degree can argue against someone that does.  :(

That being said, I've been experiencing this pain on and off since then but in true Teh Dad fashion (did you see that subtle blame there?), didn't go to medical about it because I'm lazy I've been out of the country for most of the time since.  This pain pretty much rules my life.  It's debilitating.  But, today, I put one foot in front of the other and marched/drove to medical to meet with my Doc after a particularly bad weekend, where I spent most of it in pain (despite the brief intermission where I got to vacuum the whole apartment AND Teh Phil-boy), and Sunday most of the day was spent laying in bed.

This pain pretty much dictates how the day will go.  If meds help it, then the day still has potential.  If meds don't help it, then it's probably not going to be such a hot day.  After a weekend of not-hot days, I was done.

Pretty much this is my explanation for why there haven't been very many "bloggy" type blogs.  I mean, unless you count the photo blogs or the Australia travel review days (which I know I still didn't cover my last day in Australia where we had a layover in Sydney!!).  I feel like I've really been slackin' and I felt like everyone deserved to know why.

Teh Phil has been a most excellent companion.  He's followed me around, but not in his usual stalker-ish way where he blocks my path while I'm trying to walk from place to place.  He checks on me when I grunt as I try to sit up.  He makes sure to remind me that he's there for hugs or kisses.  He even gets up in the middle of the night to check on me when I go to the bathroom.  I tell him that he has to be gentle with me when we go out to the dog park, and he's done very good about not chasing the squirrels.  He's very doting.  I've made sure that he's gotten extra attention and special treats since he's been such a good boy.

Hopefully, the Doc will be able to figure out what is wrong with me and soon.  I'm tired of hurting for sure.  Also, I'd like to be able to do push-ups again without the fear of pain exploding through my abdomen.  Worst thing evarrrr.

Eventually, I will finish the Australia story and start on the photo posting.  I haven't gotten around to editing the photos yet with everything that has been going on with Teh Body.  In the meantime, Teh Bear and I have started a Questions Series on the Nacho Blog.  So when we post those, I will probably be sharing those here as well..  Because, well.. I'm lazy like that..  And who doesn't love getting to know their blogger?

Also, if you haven't seen it yet..  can I decide another day? (cidad?)  has it's own FB page!  How high tech is that?  I'm pretty impressed with myself, I must say.  Although, I did learn something very disappointing.  The like button isn't connected to a particular FB page.  Meh.  Either way, I'll be posting when Teh Blog is updated on the cidad? FB page, so make sure to like the FB page to get updates if you're not a subscriber.  Subscribing is also cool.  I love thinking that I have more readers than just Teh Dad, Teh Bear, and myself.

Your devoted blogger,
Teh Megan

PS.  Is it cool that I acronym-ed my own blog name?  Does this mean that I've been in the navy too long?
PPS.  I think I like cidad? as an acronym.  It's like HIMYM but in lowercase and cooler cause it's Teh Megan-ed.
PPPS.  I love verbing nouns.

Follow-up:  We figured out the problem!

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