Sunday, July 22, 2012

Australia Adventures #6c

Continuing on...

These were the signs we saw driving into the park.

so much meters!!

It stormed most of the time that we were there, so I had to take advantage of all the wet plants!

I love when you can't mess up directions.

Sign in front of the park!!

These looked a lot like poinsettias, but I couldn't be sure.

I could have done better on this one, but all the droplets!! :)

Almost touching wombat testicles.  I thought about poking them just to say I did it, but I was a good girl.
We weren't allowed to touch them anywhere else.

Me: "Haha, look, that's a koala."
I did pet this guy, but we were only allowed to pet their leg.  It was strange.

Fake feeding a kangaroo.
He was gullible! 

I fake fed this guy too.
You can pet the kangaroos anywhere.

This was just cool looking.

But it was wintertime so this guy wasn't in bloom.

These made me think of paper lanterns, only smaller, and wet, and growing.

This just looks like a fun flower!

Since it was lunch time, we decided to try going to the Flying Taco again.  This time we were successful.  Honestly, it wasn't that great.. it was actually really expensive as well (more expensive than normal for Australia), but food is food.  After lunch was consumed, we decided to head to Fremantle to see what was there.

I'd been told that Little Creatures Brewery was there, but we decided to do some exploring.  I also wanted to hit up a souvenir shop to get Teh Dad his father's day present/Australia gift.  He asked for a t-shirt, since I've gotten him a t-shirt from all the places that I've been.  While I was checking out, the cashier/shop owner was chatting with us and he suggested that we check out the Fremantle Prison.  In true tourist mode, I grabbed my camera from the car and we headed towards the prison.

Luckily, we did NOT get a parking ticket for overstaying our welcome at that parking spot!  Oops.

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