Thursday, July 12, 2012

Australia Adventures #4a

Forewarning:  There were lots of pics, so this post will be broken into several parts just so the posts aren't too ridiculously long.

The first thing we knew we had to do was see some Australia critters!!  Since my travel companion and I had worked the first 4 days we were in Australia, we'd heard from others about the zoo and the beach and the wineries and the food and the shopping centers.  Our first destination was Perth Zoo!

My lesson from Australia photo shooting:
Animals are hard to photograph.  Between the wired cages and the reflective glass (I was too lazy to put my polarized lens cover on), the people, the objects in the way of the animals, and the animals moving, I'm lucky I even got pictures at all!  I was determined though!  Although, with all those impediments, it was easy to delete a lot of photos from this trip, which is a relief when it came down to only having to edit almost 300 pics instead of almost 500!

My new favorite animal is either the Numbat or Meerkat.  Both were extremely photogenic!

A map with pictures!  This might help you figure out some of the critters!

The Cassowary has a very interesting head piece!

Sleepy birdies.

Baby penguin!!

I think this guy could beat me in a hold your breath competition.

Penguin 1:  Hey man, wanna go swimmin?
Penguin 2:  Do you see how comfortable I am?  No.

This birdie made me think of a bird from GTMO that would splash around in the puddles after the rain.

I couldn't figure out what was going on in this photo at first..
Then I realized, he's scratching his neck with his foot!


My, why knobby knees you have!

Emu sees you.

The tough life of a zoo kangaroo.

I couldn't figure out why there were so many bees around us, then I saw that we were chillin' beside their house!

Gazing into the distance.

Kangaroo tongue!! teheh

Pink Cockatoo?  The name wasn't very original.

The tail feathers of another bird.  The more red spots on the tail feathers, the more attracted the female was.

Sea otters.  Awww.

This little lady was very patient, despite the amount of kids beating on the glass to touch her.

But eventually, she got tired and found a tree.



Gathering the goods.


I called this guy my Gonzo bird.  He seemed to keep following us.

Mr. Wombat, you iz ugly.

Mr. Wallaby, I know you're trying so hard to be a kangaroo, but you just aren't big enough!

Sleepy koala.  Awww.

Mr. Numbat, you and I can be BFFs cause you let me take your picture!

"Do you think this makes me look fat?"
"Maybe I should have went for the vertical stripes to make myself seem taller."

"Excuse me one moment, head itch.  Ahhhhh."

Red koala.  For some of the animals I got to use my mad imagery skillz to try to find the hidden animals in their cages.  Much challenge = much fun!

Orangutan (why do we say o-rang-a-tang, when its orange you tan?) was chilly! 

The last time I went to the zoo, I was in the 4th grade.  We went to the Asheboro Zoo in NC and the only exhibit I really cared about was the baboons since I had just done a report on them.  The baboon exhibit was closed, so since then I've been kinda begrudging all zoos.  I walked around the Perth Zoo like I was a small child I was so excited.  My travel companion was extremely patient with me.  I still don't forgive the Asheboro Zoo, but all other zoos are good in my book!

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