Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fashion doesn't agree with me... #2

Gentle Readers,
I know you have long awaited Australia photos, and I made you wait, then I bombarded you, now I'm making you wait again.  I know I am particularly awful.  Promise, I know.  Ask Phil, he knows just how good I am at making him wait, he probably assumes that everyone else has to wait till I remember to say "Ok, you can go," to everyone before they are allowed to eat.

To be honest, you're probably not even interested in Australia pictures anymore.  I mean, it has been a month now.  Teh Bear told me days after I landed in America that he wasn't interested in Australia photos anymore because I was taking too long.  He was only kidding, kinda.  It's ok, I know he was really just trying to motivate me to work on them.  Isn't it cute when men try?

Continuing with the honesty, last week was my first week back to work after my surgery..  Guys and gals.. it ran me into the ground.  Not that my job is strenuous or crazy, just that I was busy at work, then I'd come home and be busy at home as well.  That's not how my life usually operates.  Normally, I go to work, stave off several hours of boredom till its time to go home, then I come home and stave off several more hours of boredom (hopefully with photo editing, but sometimes with The Sims 3 and talking to Teh Bear and taking Phil out for runs/time at the dog park and not being bored, etc).  Last week wasn't like that.

At work, we have a new guy, so I've been trying to go out of my way to ensure that he is doing all the things that it'd be much easier for me to do, but if he doesn't learn them, that means I have to keep doing them.  Additionally, I'm trying to doing something Intel-y, and what started out as a small thing, grew exponentially despite my efforts to be lazy at this.  Really, I'm a go-all-out-or-nothing type girl, and sometimes it is very problematic.

AAANNNDD Teh Stepsister pulled the bootcamp card on me this week.  Which isn't really significant until February, but it is, kinda.  She already asked Teh Bear and I (and the rest of Teh Family, duh) to attend her bootcamp graduation when she found out when she was leaving for bootcamp.  Cool.  I'd take leave for that because it's kinda a BIG DAMN DEAL, yo.  Even though she joined the Army.  Not so cool, yo.  I digress.

She messaged me this week and was like, "You member that my bootcamp gradation is in February?"
Teh Megan: Yes, when is it, do you know?
Teh Stepsister: The beginning of Feb, I think.  Bootcamp is blah blah blah weeks and I leave on blah blah blah day.
*we both open up our calendars and start counting weeks*
tM:  So, I get to celebrate the week of my birthday in Oklahoma?
tS: *laughs*  Welllllll, I was wondering if you'd wear your uniform.  I'd like a picture of us.
tM: *scorns at the well-played I'm-graudating-bootcamp-you-must-submit-to-my-will card*  I think you're the devil.  But for you, FIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNEEEEEE.
tS:  Thank you.  :)
tM:  I guess showing off all my bling to your Army friends will motivate me to get my AW (Air Warfare) pin.

What does any of this have to do with this week?  I've been "working" on my AW pin since I got to Pax River.  At least, I started the program and printed out the book.  Working on it is definitely a relative term.  I did start making flash cards before I went to Scotland and I even brought my AW book with me to Australia (how great is it when stuff is NOT classified!?!  Lookin' at you IDW program!).  I didn't really accomplish much, but this week I sat down and scribbled out a few more sections worth of flash cards.  Gentle Readers, I actually learned something about the aviation community!  Those rainbow vests they wear stand for what jobs they do!  I can't remember all of them, but I definitely remember that purple = deals with fueling.  Also, I knew that the vests correlated with something, but wasn't sure what.  That's what happens when you live in the SCIF.

Most of my afternoons this week were also exciting.
Monday, I was editing photos and making potential arrangements to watch some puppies this weekend.
Tuesday, After it was determined that I'd meet Joey's Mom on Wednesday, I was able to do some chillaxin' and try to catch up on some lost Pinterest time from work.
Wednesday, I left work, came home, changed clothes, took Phil to the dog park, and then headed to meet Joey's Mom in Waldorf.  Bringing Joey into Teh Megan Family has been very fun.  I'll have Joey for probably a month, till Joey's Mom signs a new lease.  Lots more about him on Phil's blog if you're interested.
Thursday, Moe's Mom brought Moe to me.  He's an 85lb, black Greyhound.  He's a lazy boy like Phil.  He only stayed for the weekend.
Friday, I was able to do some chillaxin.  I also discovered The Snark Squad, where Lorraine is reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey.  OMG HUUUUUUHHHHHLLLLARRRRIOUS.  I'm so glad she saved me from reading this.  One of the chapters she did a vlog for.  I want to be Lorraine's BFF.  We'd never stop laughing.  Friday night was spent preparing to wake up at 0230 to go to Ashland, VA to meet the Greyhound hauler.
Saturday, I woke up at 0340, which was 10 minutes after my time to meet my co-pilot.  I called him apologizing profusely, and he went on without me.  I went back to bed.  I got up that morning and took the dogs to the dog park and messaged Teh Singing Cat Lady about going shopping.  She was down.  We met at 9 and I got to do my first french braiding evar.  It was a fun learning experience and once you practice a few times, its not so bad, but I'd never be able to french braid my own hair.  We went out and did our my shopping and her errands.  I came home and talked to Teh Bear for a bit, then it was time to head to work for my glorious watch.  There was no internet on base... the ENTIRE 8 hours I was on watch.  /wrist.  I had a book and played bubble shooter, but after so many hours..  I just wasn't a nice person.  Then I came home and the dogs had ripped open the brand new bag of dog food.  /kill.  Since I didn't know how much Phil and Moe had eaten (Joey was safely in his crate), they still got dinner, despite how angry I was, I wasn't going to starve the dogs.  I went back to work, but not before putting Joey and Moe in crates.  Not that I trusted Phil, but I went with the most unfamiliar dog in the crate.  I came home to no incidents and everyone got to go out to the dog park at midnight.  Blast.  Joey bounced around while the Greyhounds were like, WTF, lets go lady, this is my sleepy time.  After getting them all back in, it was collapse bed time.

Sunday (today), is relax day.  I went to church this morning, daring enough to leave all the dogs out.  No accidents.  Praise Allah.  I think I most definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  When Teh Bear signed online he told me that I just seemed.. angry.  I wasn't exactly angry, but I knew I wasn't in a bubbly mood.  He suggested a nap, I agreed (rare).  Moe's Mom will be around to pick him up today.  I've definitely enjoyed the big soft black boy hanging around.  Watching Phil and Moe walk side-by-side when we go out is awesome.  I'll definitely be down to sit for his Mom again.

SO that's the week/weekend recap.  Apparently thats the cool thing to do now.  I'll have to go find a blog to link up to, cause I love that.

BUTTTTTT.. I do have something special for you.  If you didn't notice, so far the title of this post has had nothing to do with what I've talked about.

I'll make 2 fashion points:
1.  Fashion doesn't agree with me because I'm short.  Apparently, somewhere there is a rule that no matter what size you order, 5'2.5" is too short to exist so they don't make clothes that short.  Particularly dresses and skirts.  My new dress that I was planning on wearing today = miles too long.  Fail.
2.  WHO WEARS SOME OF THIS CRAP?!?!?!?!  When Teh Singing Cat Lady and I stormed Target by surprise (ok, not really, they saw us pull up in the parking lot), she was looking for sunglasses and I was looking for stuff.  You remember the last time I looked at sunglasses?  It happened again!!!  Seriously.. who designs these?!?!?  And why do people buy them?  WHO do they look good on???  SERIOUSLY!?!

I am a robot, come to take over your wor-ald.

I need to have a captain contest with some of these sunglasses photos.  The prize would be the tackiest pair of sunglasses I could find.  Although, each time I thought I'd found the most ridiculous ones (the red frames above), something else would show up..  Like the 2nd to last pair, the black with pointy corners.  I felt like I was in The Jetsons.

So hopefully, I've made up for the lack of Australia photos.  I've had Lightroom up all week as my constant reminder, but sometimes, I just can't help myself.  I must finish Lorraine's FSoG (Fifty Shades of Grey) recaps.  She's too funny.



  1. The red heart-like ones didn't look good on me, either so you're not the only one!! I had fun shopping/running errands with you on Saturday. And I'm sorry you were grumpy yesterday but I completely understand. I would have been, too! I'm grumpy today due to lack of sleep. We didn't get home until 11:40 or so. But it was so worth it because the marriage conference was awesome!

    1. Lol those red heart ones are prob one of my fave ridiuclous photos of me. I'm glad we got to hang out. OOOO and Stampin' Up is tonight. I just remembered!

      Super glad the conference was great!

  2. Ha, HEY MEGAN. I suck at fashion, no worries.

    1. Terri, you post more about clothes than anyone I know! Lol. and I know that you most definitely would pull off those outfits better than me! Unless you're wearing big sunglasses, then I'ma have to hate.. lol ;)

  3. LOL! Yeah who wears those glasses?!

    I'm short too so I have the same problem with everything being too long :(

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Haha - those sunglasses are hilarious! You should have bought all of them, LOL!


  5. I think if I ever decide to give something away to a blog reader, it will be ridiculous sunglasses. They are just soo... catchy?


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