Friday, July 27, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday #10

YYYAAYYYY for Fill in the Blank Friday being back!!!!  Me = Thrilled.
And for the first Friday since I've started, my Friday post wasn't scheduled ahead of time.  I actually almost forgot to post these!  But I was thinking about how I'm almost done with the Fremantle Prison photo editing and that I hadn't posted a CIDAD? blog..  then I realized that I hadn't posted yesterday!  So I finally broke my posting streak!  Except only kinda.  Because Phil posted a blog!  This week has definitely been busy and this weekend is continuing the streak.  New Greyhounds in 12ish hours, then watch Saturday afternoon till midnight.  Sunday is definitely going to be a lazy day with all the pups unless some socializing opportunity arises.

PS.  I am seriously loving all the dog attention.  Sometimes they get a bit tangled when we're trying to move around, but we're all learning.  2 is definitely easier than 3 for sure.  I'm also certain that it would be entirely different if I had a back yard I could just release the dogs into.  But, alas, that doesn't currently apply to me, so leashes and the dog park it is.  

Onto the Friday blankidy-blanks!!!!

Lauren @ The Little Things We Do

1. I am   ready for fall to be here already.. then winter.. with snow. SOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of sweating. Seriously, its probably something I hate the worst.   

2. I have always   picked lint balls from blankets/clothes. SINCE FOREVER PEOPLE. Have you seen me "rolling" something between my fingers at any point, ever? Yeah, that's me rolling a lint ball. There are good lint balls and bad lint balls. Dryer lint is NOT the same. Do not diss me with your dryer lint. No.  

3. I hope to   snuggle as much as possible with Teh Bear while I'm in Orlando next month visiting. YAYYYYYY snuggles!!!!!!  

4. I can   put on a concert in my car. There is no better place for karaoke or a sing-along than in the car.  

5. I dream of   a white Christmas, snuggling with Teh Bear under the Christmas lights. A fire in the fireplace is optional.  

6. The way to my heart is through   remembering the crazy random/obscure stuff and giving me sweet surprises.  

7. I am passionate about   taking care of people/animals/things. Seriously. It's almost to a fault.  

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