Saturday, July 14, 2012

Australia Adventures #4b

Continuing on...

Really big turtles.


Mmm, this sunlight is delightful.

Leap, leap, leap!

I could have sworn something was in here!

Will you hold my hand??

Watching out.

Slow and steady.
We headed into the nocturnal exhibit.

a cute little mouse.

My name is batty, the logic is erratic...  Rap like an animal, but I'm a mammal.

One of my favoritest photos.  You can see the bones and the vessels.  Completely lucky shot.

Meerkat's that didn't make it into Meerkat Manor



Being cougar-y.

I think his cheeks are a little.. exposed.

Lazy rhinos.

Just a pack of not-silly hyenas.

The birdies woke up!

My, what a big mouth you have, Mr. Bird.

This kangaroo decided to help this family dispose of their banana peel.

There is one last zoo post, but its not animals!!!  I really enjoyed the Perth Zoo.. What can I say?

PS.  Was the .gif good with repeating 3 times?  Or should I have continuously looped it??

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  1. The red pics remind me of darkin ship :)
    and I love watching turtles eat, its so CUTE!

  2. I've never had darken ship, but the red always makes me think of bootcamp, sleeping with the red lights on.


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