Saturday, July 21, 2012

Australia Adventures #6b

The wildlife preserve had different sections.  The majority was the "Australia animals" but there was also a "farm animals" section that I started getting into in the last post.

My favorite animal in the farm section was definitely the lamb.  I just wanted to pet and squeeze it and put it in my suitcase.  It really is no wonder that Mary didn't mind the lamb following her to school.  IT WAS SO FLUFFY CUTE!!

Apparently, this post was breakfast.

Little lamb teeth!!

You wanna come home with me little lamb?  You can be friends with Phil!

The donkeys were trained...  They knew that people had the food pellets, so they would bray and hold their mouths open and people would throw the pellets in their mouth.  

Weird chicken.

Kangaroos are still so exotic.

<3 the colorful birdies.

Mr. Wombat was heading to his house.

He blinked and I caught it!

Bald eagles make me go, 'MERICA!


red tailed fox?  I think.

Itchy scratchy..

The sun iz so bright!  I musts shields my eyes!

These bats are NOT fighting.. Well, they are.. but a different kind of fighting..  "adult" fighting...
(psst they were having sex)

This bat was smart.  They just stayed away from the drama that was happening a few feet over.

Pink cockatoo

This koala looked REALLY happy.

This koala had been crawling towards us and once he made the leap, we quickly, yet calmly backed away.
I didn't really feel like a koala attack/international incident was on my plan of the day.

This little guy was just cute.  No clue what he is.

All the animals were apparently very itchy.

Kangaroos standing at the pellets barrel.  People drop a lot of pellets so they stand there and clean them up.

I think this Joey was doing it wrong.

This guy scratched his leg for a solid minute,  I considered making a .gif, but I didn't want to go too overboard on that.

I saw a peacock on the top of another pen and couldn't really get a good shot, so when i saw this one in the kangaroo area, I was soooooooo excited!

Sadly, he never proudly displayed his feathers for us, but being able to get this close was enough.

Boing, boing, boing!

They are looking at us like, do you haz pellets?
Do you see the cuteness?

Well, I'll show you up close!

Member I said I petted some critters?  Well those will be in the final wildlife park post (6c).  Along with all the fun flowers/etc stuff that I saw.

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