Thursday, July 19, 2012

Australia Adventures #6a

After working for several days, we'd been hearing people talk about the wildlife park that wasn't that far from where we were staying...  More importantly than having animals was the ability to PET some of the animals.  Namely, the koalas and kangaroos and some other random animals at specific times (wombat).

We were worried about it raining, but we were lucky.  Only a few drops.  I wasn't worried.  Was was I worried about instead??  CAGES.  Birds are kept in cages that are often very hard to shoot pictures through.  Le sigh.  I had learned this lesson at the zoo, but I was about to learn it again.  There were a few photos that I didn't get because the fencing was just too small for the camera to focus through and while I could have manually focused, almost every single time I do, it ends up slightly out of focus.  It's really hard to manually focus an image through a tiny peep hole with one eye closed and the other in a full squint.  Just sayin.  AND, I paid like 10 million dollars for my DSLR.. ok maybe not 10 million, or even close.. but in this new photography world we live in, cameras come with auto-focus.  I'm not ashamed to say I use auto-focus.  I don't shoot in auto, so there!

But onto the photos:

bye, bye, Birdy.

This guy always makes me sing the Kookaburra song.

It's a duck standing watch!

I didn't inquire any further.

The bottom koala is fighting with an off-frame koala over branch placement, while the largest and highest koala sits there, knowing, unwilling to move, but willing to resort to violence when one challenges him.

Despite it being around lunch time, several animals were taking siestas.

Owl be back!

My funny face owl.

This guy did NOT like my travel companion.  Every time he would get close, this birdy would ruffle up his head feathers, which made me giggle...

I really liked the way his feathers looked.

This guy was just ugly.  His beak was actually lime green.

I don't remember what this guy was, but he had very beady eyes.

These guys did NOT like ME.  All I wanted was a good picture of the swans and they kept lunging at me.  At least my travel companion's mortal enemy was kept in a cage.  These guys almost got me several times.

You're a WOOT!  (tehehe)

It's the kangaroo itchy scratch.

Member the bird that didn't like my travel companion?  These are what his tail feathers looked like.  The more colorful they are, the more likely they are to find a mate.

Apparently, people try to catch these and smuggle them out of Australia in their suitcases?
Seriously people?  WHYY?

I'm talking to you!  Why are you not talking back?

This was a very pretty girl who showed off her wings for me to take a picture!

So pretty!

This birdy made me think of an old man glaring at me like, "I can see you, you whippersnapper."

Como se LLAMA???

Megan had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb...  oh wait, that's wrong.

Bahrain, why you stalk me?

Thanksgiving dinner!!!!
I almost touch wombat testicles.
I pet a koala.
I realize the bats aren't fighting.
I stalk a peacock.
I pet some kangaroos and walk through poop.

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