Tuesday, July 17, 2012

They write!

Teh Bear and I have a blog that we share called Nacho Blog... if you didn't know that already.  There is actually a link at the top of Teh Blog for it, along with Teh Bear's blog, and some other awesome stuff.  And, how about a virtual high-five (I'm white, shoot me) for the new Who is Teh Megan page up on that link bar???

Did you know that Teh Blog has it's own FB page?  Cause you should!  Go there and like it!  www.facebook.com/canIdecideanotherday

Oh yeah, back to Nacho Blog...
We've started a "series" (if you will), where we answer 30 questions that pretty much talk about ourselves.  Unlike Teh Blog, where I try to maintain a schedule of events posts, Nacho Blog is posted on a VERY erratic non-scheduled schedule.  But, I will be sharing those posts here, because I'm lazy because I want you to be able to get to know more about me!

So anyways...  The Nacho Blog posts:

Where we announce that we are going to answer the 30 questions and show what the 30 questions are..

Where we answer question #1.

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