Sunday, July 15, 2012

Australia Adventures #4c

The zoo did a really good job of displaying plants/flowers of Australia/Asia as well as the animals, which was really cool.

There are also some not-flower photos in this post as well.  Just FYI.

I have a picture of a flower from NC State that semi-resembles this one.  I only saw the flower in bloom for 4 days that spring and never saw it bloom again.  I was SOOO excited to see this in Australia.

There were flowers similar to this in GTMO.

We saw this on our walk to the zoo.  Turns out it was a WWI memorial.

1914 was on the left side of the gun, and 1918 was on the right side.

I thought it fitting that I should find a lion in Scotland and Australia!

Birds of Paradise always make me smile cause they are so colorful.


This made me think of Teh Mom's flower garden cause she used to grow elephant ears.

My travel companion thought swinging the bridge was funny.
Then I tried to set him on fire with my eyes.  :)

Carrying my tripod would have been handy for this shot only.


2 of these things are not like the other!


FINGERS!!  I had a plant like this when I was in high school and I brought it into the band director's office because I was the librarian at the time.  It died because the assholes I was in class with "watered" it with cleaner.  

At the entrance to the zoo.

YAY!  Happy people!

Welcome to Perth Zoo!  

The end of the Perth Zoo photos. This last zoo post was my favorite. I know that shooting flowers is cliche' or whatever, but they are still definitely my favorite thing to shoot. Since most of the flowers were different than what we have in America, it made it even more awesome to photograph them.

Up next: we find the beach and we investigate downtown Perth.

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