Saturday, July 7, 2012

Australia Adventures #3

The day after Memorial Day, the Australian Adventure began.  I was packed, ready (enough), and less prepared than I anticipated for (we'll get to that) a flight, literally, on the other side of the world.

Remember how disastrous the trip to Australia was?  Ok, I'll remind you.  We spent 3 hours on the tarmac in DC waiting in the airplane as a storm passed over so we could leave.  We missed our Sydney connection and ended up spending the night in San Francisco.  Bummer, right?

What about the part where I was less prepared than I anticipated?  We didn't get our checked luggage back the night we stayed in SF.  My good drugs were in my checked luggage.  Lesson: never, EVER put good drugs in checked luggage.  The good drugs that were in my carry on weren't working.  Misery was my BFF.  Nonetheless, I tried being a good sport about walking all around San Francisco and took photos to document the stay.  Probably not as many photos as I would have shot on a good day.. but there are photos!

This post is all about San Francisco!
Let the photos begin!!!!!

Public transportation is really awesome.  Most of the time.

I didn't realize the cable cars are literally turned around.  That was cool to learn/watch.

This photo wasn't special until I found something hiding in it.  *1*

If/when I go back to SF, I will rent one of these.  Way too awesome to pass up.

Check out her snazzy camera.

Street musician playing at the cable car turnaround.  He played music from his big boom-box (from 1992) and then played his sax along with it.  It was a fairly pleasant way to pass the time while waiting on our cable car.

Cable car driver.

1.  That an interesting uniform to wear to work.
2.  The blurry guy was the ticket collector for the cable car.  He was pretty cool.

Duke!  That's a college that I know!

Grin and bear it face.  Sooooo jiggly on the cable car.


Apparently, this is the curviest street in the world.  Cars were actually driving down it, and there were also some stupid brave skateboarders giving it a try.

Forewarning: almost all of the photos of me doing "touristy" things are blurry.
PS.  <3 that shirt that I'm wearing.  "Whhhhhaat?" *2*

Just me, hanging off a cable car.

Old school SFPD van.  I felt like I had fallen back into the 80s.

Cookout still has In-N-Out beat.  Hands down.  You can't beat 40 different types of milkshakes.


Wow, that trash can is really... bushy. *3*

Seriously? *3*

We made it!

This bread shop smelled delightful.  We had italian down the street instead.

Alcatraz from almost Pier 39. SERIOUSLY? *3*

The seagull didn't like me taking photos of him.

Barking sea lions. *4*

One of these things is not like the other.....

The best view of the bridge we had...  

Oh, hai guys!  :)  This guy made me smile for sure.

One of the persons in our group wanted to walk up this street to get to the bottom of the curviest street in the world.  I said no.  I couldn't physically have climbed that hill hurting as badly as I was, walking me around the town almost killed me.

This was a mirror art thingy as we headed back to the SF airport.  It looked like water was running down the walls.  Soooo cool!  

1.  Did you find the hiding thing in the Cali flag pic?  If no, go back up at look at the top right corner.  COOL RIGHT?!?!

2.  Seriously, almost all of the photos taken of me (with my camera by someone else) are blurry.  Most likely because I was shooting in program mode with the focus selected somewhere not the center of the lens when I would hand someone my camera, and they didn't know/realize.  Lesson: ALWAYS just put your camera in auto mode when handing it to someone else to take a photo of you.  It's for the best.  Not everyone is a camera genius.  Not even I'm a camera genius.  Auto-shooting CAN be your friend.

3.  I get street performers.  Like musicians that actually DO something.  Performers at the Renn Faire that dress up like fairies and throw glitter at you.  But standing around painted in silver or gold with matching colored accessories or hiding behind fake foliage will NOT convince me to give you money.  In fact, it will instead convince me that you might have a mental disorder you should seek help for.  The guy in gold started yelling at me after I took a photo of them and didn't give them a tip..  SERIOUSLY?  No.  You look like an idiot.. IN PUBLIC...  I will document this and share it on the internet, where idiocy is freely shared.  When you choose to do things and expect to get paid for them, you are WRONG.

4.  Despite the barking, every time I say sea lions in my head I think of Fiest's Sea Lion.  I couldn't find a not live version, sorry.  The actual song starts over a minute in.  I walked around all day after going to Pier 39 singing, SEA LION! in my head.  Nope, not crazy at all.

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  2. So when I was in Europe with my choir for tour I almost got kissed by one of those statue men. haha! I was standing next to him and wanted a picture and he turned his cheek and pointed to it insinuating he wanted a kiss on the cheek. All my friends cheered me on to do it and I was about to but as I leaned in he turns his head and puckered up! I quickly jumped away laughing but I didn't kiss him!


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