Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scotland Adventures... #5

As my time in Scotland started to dwindle, I started getting up for breakfast, then going out and doing some sight-seeing.  I had already seen most of the castles I was interested in, except for the ones that were close to Lossiemouth, but to not get castle burnt out, I threw in the Elgin Cathedral and cemetery.  It was a 20 minute drive away, so it was easy to squeeze in before having to be at work by 4.

The Elgin Cathedral was built in the 1200s and has been pretty much abandoned and stripped in the 1560s.  There grounds were eventually used as a cemetery.

It's crazy to think that at one point before big machinery,
I would have been standing in a completed building looking at the other end.

The clear parts show what is no longer there.

Writing that has survived hundreds of years is impressive.

These people were seriously short.

Moss growing in the letters.

Lichen covered grave plot.

Oops, someone made a mistake!

Some dead dudes.. some of which kept their heads for longer than others?

Dead, dead.

Interesting gave/piece of wall?

How cool would it have been to walk through that upstairs section over looking the cathedral floor?

Windows in the chapter house.

Scotiae, aye.

Ceiling of the chapter house.

Ceiling of the chapter house.

Each window had a different top.

Looking at the lookouts.


Originals vs 1984 versions.

standing in the choir.

A grand view.

I ain't lion.

Some dead dudes..  Who were really short.

I might be biased in my favoritism of this symbol.


Very detailed gravestone

"Until the day dawn, and the shadows flee away."  I liked that.

No matter how dead you are, the moss will take over!


Just another panoramic I found while going through my pics.  :)

Sadly, it was a pretty wet, dreary day.  Which is only sad because the grass was wet and my shoes are far from water repelling.  I went back to the hotel with very cold, wet toes.  After a nap it was time for work!

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