Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday #3

I jumped on the Fill in the Blank Friday bandwagon too late it seems.  Fill in the Blank Friday has taken a different turn now (at least for this week).  I'm still pretty crushed, but I figure that I'll just go backward through them all until I find a fun alternative?  Who knows, a lot can happen in 52 weeks.

I was really into the fill in the blanks.  It's like a test, but with no wrong answer.  This week there was a "prompt" that was the blank.  It felt to much like 10th grade English class all over again..  Here's your prompt, I want to see a claim, data, and what ties your claim and data together.  :(


1.  Something very near and dear to my heart is my computer.  That sounds vein (and it probably is in a way), but my computer is my lifeline.  It's my way to talk to Teh Bear, it's got all my photos on it, it's where I share my life via Teh Blog.  If it were to not be with me, I'd be... ya know what, lets not think about it.

2.  Visitors are a good cause to celebrate.

3.  The most fun I ever had was riding go karts in Bahrain.  Teh Bear was there, other friends were there, it was all in all a fantastic time.

4.  True friends are timeless.  You can not speak for long periods of time (despite how much that hurts at the time), yet when you get together, its as if time never passed.

5.  Something that makes me terribly happy is delicious food, especially chocolate in nature.  (Hellllllooooo fattie Megan!)

6.  A good way to spend a sunny day is with a substantial amount of sunscreen if I'm going outside.

7.  My favorite celebratory food is chocolate, ice cream, or any combination of those two, but NOT chocolate ice cream, UNLESS it's Edy's Double Fudge Brownie.  So a brownie with ice cream is a good choice.

It's just barely Saturday on the East Coast, so I feel like I'm almost not late... :)

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