Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little Notes #1

I've seen Terri do Little Notes and I've seen Teh Singing Cat Lady do Little Notes and I've seen Kate do Little Notes and I looooove the idea.  Mostly in a, I frequently talk to inanimate (and animate) objects type way.

Dear outlet converters, 
You have made my life infinitely less complicated.  You were there for me when I was going to Bahrain and travelling through Portugal and Italy.  You were there for me in Bahrain.  You were there for me when I left Bahrain and traveled through Italy and Portugal again.  You have been there for me in Scotland.  Currently, you are here for me in Australia, even though I doubted you and bought a different thingy (because I'm silly).  You are the best $2.50 investment I have made for my world travels.  I love you long time.

Dear Water Bottle,
So many years we've been together.  Since 2006 or something.  Worldwide Jesus Lover brought us together and we've been mostly inseparable since that day.  You have a straw, which means I don't spill water all over myself while trying to drink from you, which makes me love you all the more.  I almost lost you that one time at Yellowstone, but fate brought us back together.  We were meant to be.  Despite your incontinence, I will love you always.  I will always be on the lookout for more national park stickers for you, even though Cairngorm failed us.  I love you forever.

Dear internetz,
You don't know me.  I'm just another peon that uses you to stay connected to those I love.  But I love you.  You make my life infinitely easier and I no longer have to keep a telephone directory in my house.  You are a part of me, like my blood, my life stream.  Ask people I know, I'm always "connected", when I'm not, they are concerned.  You make this blog possible, you make my continuous stream of whining of FB possible, you give me email, and you give me hope.  I love you forever.  Please don't go away.

Dear Teh Phil-Boy,
I miss you like crazy.  I know its silly to miss a dog (not), but he's my constant companion.  He even escorts me to the bathroom when I have to pee.  He watches me when I'm in the kitchen.  He (often) patiently waits for his meals.  He steps on my toes and digs his nails into my feet when he stretches in the morning.  He yawns in my face to share his bad breath with me.  He's actually kind of a jerk.  Nonetheless, despite what Teh Bear says, I love Teh Phil-boy.

Dear Teh Bear,
I can't write Phil a letter and not write you a letter.  This might actually break some of our "rules" but I miss you and I lub you, even more than Teh Phil-boy.  So much so that having the internetz in Australia was more important to me than sleep, pain, and food.  I love all the time we get to spend together, together, and I'm glad that we get as much online time as we do (because we've not been as fortunate before).  I love telling people about our skype dates, despite how cheesy we both thought they were to begin with.  I also love taking silly pictures with you.  Especially ones where I get to give you kisses.  Those are my faves.  I lub you.

Dear Everyone Else,
If you know of a job that Teh Bear could have in MD (so he could move up), I'd love you too!  :)

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