Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Adventures with Teh Bear... Part 15c

We headed out of the GC and decided to stop by Sedona/Jerome on our way back to Phoenix (where we were staying that night).  

Miss Shoulda Been a Cowgirl had suggested we make a stop at Jerome and eat at the Asylum Restaurant on our way back to Phoenix, so we did just that.  After lunch, we headed back towards Sedona.

We made a stop at Red Rocks State Park and did a quick walk around.  I was disappointed by the lack of red rocks (compared to the ones we'd seen on the drive into Sedona), so we left and once I got cell phone reception, I looked up the best place to get sunset photos in Sedona.

We arrived at just the right time at the overlook.  Teh Bear set up his tripod in full "professional" mode and I grabbed one of the stands with the big binoculars on it that you can pay to use (I have no idea what those suckers are called) since it had a base that made me a wee bit taller than average sized people, meaning there were fewer heads in my shots.  We watched the sunset and got so many pictures.

Finally, the sun had set, we got our final pics and got back on the road to Phoenix.  Teh Bear kinda wanted to stop and try to get more star shots before reaching the city, but we were tired and it was getting late and I was starving and wanted something that was NOT Mexican food for dinner.

I decided on an Italian place (as far from Mexican as I could get).  We drove 30 minutes past our hotel to get there, but Teh Bear didn't give me too much crap about that.  We went to Casanova Brothers and Sons.  There wasn't many people inside, but we tried not to be deterred by that.  We ordered and the food was quick to arrive.  The portions were huge.  Seriously, if you're in Phoenix, it's completely worth the drive out there.  Oh yeah, did I mention they had cannolis??  Because they do.. and they are DELICIOUS.  Small, but delicious.  Also, since it was almost closing time when we left, we got some free pastry puffs.  We didn't actually get to eat them since we were sooooo full from our meals, but it was still pretty super to get free foods.

We had a minor issue with finding our hotel in Phoenix because apparently there are 2 Holiday Inn Express near the airport.  After calling the Holiday Inn number and having to ask them where our reservation was (yeah, how often does that happen?), we got everything straightened out and went to our correct hotel.  We had an early start the next morning, so it was an easy decision to go to bed soon after we arrived.

Crazy bonus driving photos:

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