Monday, June 3, 2013

Reflections of a dutiful watchstander... #4

8 hours!  Lets go!

-After the most humiliating day of work ever on Friday, coming back to VX-1 gave me a migraine.  It might also be combined with the pressure change, since it looks like it might rain/storm outside, but I've been dreading pulling in the parking lot since leaving it on Friday.

-Cicadas seem to make everything infinitely dirtier.  There was one that wanted to hang out in the duty office with me and I respectfully declined.  Too bad I can't get rid of these stupid flies.

-I seriously want a fly swatter. 

-Due to the cicada mindset, the entire duty office is now clean.  Well, at least I can say I did something productive for VX-1 tonight.  "Like an EP sailor"  hahahahahahahahahah.  Yeah, I just too sooned myself.

-Worst thing to say to a woman, "Well, sometimes females cry at work.  And if they are like you, it doesn't happen much.  Sometimes you don't even know why you're crying, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything."  or something to that effect... worst.idea.ever.

-I'm out of Grey's Anatomy to catch up on.  /sadface.

-I brough my Reddit Disney Exchange gift (Mulan and Mulan II movies) to see if they will play on the computer.  I'm not counting on it.

-I've got 3 cards that need to be filled out sitting beside me and they are a very daunting task for some reason.

-I'm not sure if a beaver or a groundhog just crossed the street and ran down the fence, but damn that thing was big and hairy.
-I failed at bringing stationary to write Teh Sister.  This is the last week I'll be writing her since ALL military mail seems to take 10+ days to arrive... and here I thought it was just an overseas thing.  Way to go Army for proving me wrong.


-I really want to write a blog post about what happened Friday but because it is work related in a negative way, I'm afraid to, which is the absolute worst feeling.  Although not as humiliated as I felt on Friday.

-Coming to watch and not having a Song of Ice and Fire (or Game of Thrones for those of you who watch it) is almost like a relief.  Instead, I can start Harry Potter #3.

-EWWWW one of the flies  NEED a fly swatter.  OMG I'm ready to wage war.

-The outside lights just came on.. at 4:30.  Oh, I remember darkness at this time.  I miss it kinda.  I think that I'd just prefer it get dark around 6:30/7pm every evening though.. since we're wishing.

-Time to see if this computer will play a DVD.

-SUCCESS!!!!  Woooooo passing 1 hour and 15 minutes!

-Mulan 2...  I get it.. but prob should have just let that one go.  At least there were no babies.

-To the asshole who left on DET today and parked in the up front spot,
I hope your truck gets keyed.  I wouldn't do it cause it's bad karma, but that doesn't mean that someone else won't.  When you're going to be gone for 2ish months, park in the back.  Dick.

-YAY for colors being later.  That means Phil doesn't get fed too late.

-Mulan 2, I really hate how you turned a girl power movie into a getting married movie, now that I think about it.  I much prefered being left with the ending of the first movie.

-I can write cards.. I can do it.

-YAY text messages from Teh Sister that she's alive.

-Cards completed!

-Fly city is gross.  (BTW fly city is the VX-1 duty office)

-It went from like kinda light outside to D.A.R.K.  holy moly.

-Walk Off the Earth videos watched.  Why isn't it time to go home yet??? uuuuuggghhhh.

-All vacation blogs written..  Now if I would just finish editing the remaining 400 photos, I could attach them and be golden... and we could finally finish the vacation recaps.  Maybe that should be my next "challenge" hahahaha.

-YAY for FB chat with Teh Bear!

-YAY for Nook reading time.  Me + HP.

-YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for getting relieved 10 minutes early!!!

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  1. Just for the record....Mulan is girl power movie about a girl that pretends to be a guy because women are 'useless' in society until such a time as the male characters have NO choice but to rely on her. SMH, Disney really makes my brain hurts as I get older.


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