Friday, June 7, 2013

High Five for Friday #2

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1.  This week was better than last week.
2.  I survived this week.
3.  It was a 4 day work week.
4.  I survived this week.
5.  This week was better than last week.

Seriously though.  Sometimes, just making it through is good enough.

1.  Yep, that's a blimp.  Oh the things you see on an aviation base.
2.  Colorful hair clips will always make me think of Teh Sister.
3.  Phil wearing his booties on the way to our first nursing home visit for Pets on Wheels.  He was fearless on the potentially scary/slippery floors with his booties on!
4.  Blooms!
5.  That's for real.  You're welcome.
6.  Mom, I hear you reaching in that paper bag and crunching something that is obviously tasty...  I can haz?
7.  Patriotic flowers?  Kthx.
8.  Free chicken sammich combo from Chickfila?  I think I will, kthx Chickfila.  It was better than I remembered, but it definitely tasted like college.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. So the blimp belongs to the program I work for. Cool, right? lol One of the guys who was a big part of its project before it moved to NAVAIR is now part of my company working with our group. :)

    Also, how did you acquire a free Chick-Fil-A combo?


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