Thursday, June 13, 2013

bloggin' bloggin' bloggin'... rawhiiiddddeee.

Don't judge my titles.  I do what I wawnt.

For a week now I've had Lightroom open on my computer so I could finish editing the last 450ish photos from our November Vacation.  Most of them are actually edited, because, apparently, I did them out of order, or I got excited about the Biltmore Estate flower pics and just couldn't help myself, but not all of them were done...  Which is mostly strange considering my OCD problem.  Always first to last, A to Z, or Z to A or last to first.. but ALWAYS, ALWAYS in order.

Except if you're flower pictures and I'm ADD.

So the editing is going slowly.. but not just because half of the photos are edited and half of them aren't..  It's going slowly because Teh Bear was in town for a few days this week, which was absolutely divine.  Seriously.

My weekend was pretty stellar as well, so it really led into a great extended weekend.

Friday I drove through (Wimpy) Tropical Storm Andrea to go to Virginia Beach (VAB) for a commissioning ceremony for Sir Thigh Arms (formerly Chief Thigh Arms).  I know he reads Teh Blog, so I hope he approves of his new nickname.  :)  I feel like commissioning and retirement and recognition ceremonies are important, but up until Wednesday I wasn't sure I was going to go.

First, it was the stress of work.
Then, it was the drive.
Then, it was the tropical storm.
Then, it was the dollas (money).
Then, it was the stress of work and having an already approved lib chit with the potential to just stay at home and be absolutely useless.
Then, it was the tropical storm.
Then, I was like, you know what, I'd want people to come to my commissioning ceremony, so I'm going dammit.
Then, I did.

It was awesome to see the pride of Sir Thigh Arm's friends and family on his big day.  Miss Reflective had decided that she wasn't going, so I really didn't know anyone else there except for 2 other folks from my time at GTMO, but they were off having Chiefly conversations, so I just kinda hung out on my own.  I did meet a pretty cool Captain, Master Chief, and newly commissioned Warrant Officer who were telling stories about their deployment to Afghanistan, which are always interesting to me.

After leaving the reception, I spent Friday evening and Saturday with Miss Difficult Last Name.  She kept apologizing about the state of her newly moved-in/purchased house, but I kept telling her to stop apologizing and I helped her sort through the boxes and put stuff in it's appointed place and price yard sale stuff.  I also acquired a new paroquet chair, which I'm pretty pumped about because circle chairs are the shiznit, yo.

Saturday night, I made the drive back to Pax so that way my commute to DC to fetch Teh Bear would only be 1.5 hours vs 4 hours.  Since it wasn't pretty out, we decided to nix the harbor cruise (for the mabillionth time) and went and had lunch at Cheddar's instead.. which was delicious since I could actually taste it this time!  (We went to Cheddar's while we were passing through Dallas, but I couldn't taste anything but the ranch dressing immediately after blowing my nose since I was sick..)  It didn't disappoint.  On the way home we stopped at Target and Kohl's...  where Teh Bear was willing to be a "fashion" model for me.  It's true lub.

Later, Teh Bear and I went on a walk with Teh Greyhound Neighbors and he got to enjoy my pot roast for the first time ever on Sunday night.  Monday we putzed around in the morning while the HVAC guy came and made my house 8° cooler and then it was time for Drew's step 8 of 8!  He was gone for forever, but eventually he came back and we headed over to Teh Singing Cat Lady and Teh Singing Podcaster's house for dinner.  I had my first ever country fried steak (unless you count all the cube steaks that Teh Dad used to make).  It was delicious.  Then we played a game (that I can't remember of the name of), had dessert, and had to run home since it was starting to pour down rain and Teh Phil was at home alone.

Phil has recently started picking up on "storm-phobic" dog habits, like panting and pacing and whining when storms come.  He usually starts doing these things prior to the storm's arrival, so it's really just a pressure change thing.  It's ironic that usually when he's doing this, I have a headache from the impending storm due to the pressure change as well.

Teh Bear and I soon called it a night, after I spilled an entire beverage on my laptop and my lap and his lap and all over my couch.  I learned that night that I can wash my couch cushion covers (thank Allah!).

Tuesday was a sad day where Teh Bear had to leave.  We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's where the waitress literally eyeballed my stomach when we left to see if I was pregnant when we left because I had been all, "NO, do NOT take his plate, I am going to eat his fries," after already devouring my own fries and half a rack of ribs.  Starving, I was.  I endured a trip to Lowes, which Teh Bear thinks makes my eyes glaze over cause I hate it so much (which isn't necessarily true, maybe, kinda, ish).

As a display of his love, Teh Bear weed eated and sprayed my yard with weed and bug killer before it was time to go.  As a display of my love, I gave him a play-by-play of my drive home in DC rush hour traffic since I dropped him off at the airport at 5:30pm.  /wrist.

So really the point of all that was to say, I'm really almost done with the last of the vacation photos (because I know all my Gentle Readers are super concerned).  And this is really just a filler blog until I find/make the time to finish the edits and export them and upload them and put them in the right places and post them.

And then I have no idea what else I will be able to guilt myself over in regards to Teh Blog.  I'm sure I'll come up with something.  You're welcome.

Who pulls them off better?
Teh Megan or Teh Bear??

red felt sunglasses = winning......
Teh Bear's photobomb = .........something.
Rawr, like Teh Bear says.   

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  1. Okay, so those sunglasses pictures are great! And really, red felt?? EW! Also, your hair is cute in these pictures, unlike mine the day we did it... we need to go try on ridiculous sunglasses (or even clothes) together someday again!

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed dinner. We really enjoyed it, too. Having you over that is! And the game was called Loaded Questions. =)


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