Friday, June 28, 2013

Teh Bear Skype Effects

I just have to say, I NEVER get tired of webcam effects.  When I googly eye Teh Dad on Skype, he cracks up.  When he showed teh Stepsister, even she cracked up, and she defriended me on FB, so she definitely doesn't think I'm funny.

Wanna know something else I NEVER get tired of?  Teh Bear..  

So Teh Bear + webcam effects?!?!?!  YES PLEASE!!!

Googly eyes!  FAVE!

Wow, Grandpa, what a big nose you have..  Better to smell you with my dear...

Teh Asian Bear

When he puts on this effect, I always make him talk with a tiny voice in my head.

My, what a beautiful nostril you have, Teh Bear.

Teh Bear when he could have play pro basketball..  not cause his skillz, cause his hair.

Clownin' around?

I think this was his Bear "grrrrr"

Liiiiiiiightbulb. (which we said at the same time) -Gru, Despicable Me 

Teh Bear in high Victorian fashion...  or kinda looking like my undead warlock..  You choose.

This thing was just strange... Very Japanese, if you will.

Teh Bear's cool girl hipster look.  I think the pink really goes well with the beard.

I'm so stunning to talk to that he gets stars over his head.. lol

My little Teh Bear Princess!

normal face  :)

Googly eyed!

Googly eyed w/ glasses, which is still amusing, but not as cool as without the glasses.

My Bear...  I'll claim that, oh yeah.  :)

    This post was written while I was still in Bahrain...  I've been saving this post for a rainy day or something??  Well, now I'm cleaning out draft posts.

You are SO welcome, Gentle Readers.

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