Monday, June 17, 2013

Carolina Renaissance Festival (Tortuga Twins, Pirate Shanty Man and the Bonnie Lass, Zilch the Torysteller)

After not being able to attend the Carolina Renn Faire since 2008 (pre-leaving for the Navy), I finallllllyyyy was able to go in 2012.  Dreams were attained.

We started with some photos of the attendees.

Teh Megan and Teh Sister..
Please note who has the big sword and who has the big dragon.....

I'm thinking the king looks a little more feminine than the queen.

Then we tried on some silly hats:

I'm pretty sure I love Teh Bear in top hats.
 Then we ate lunch and watched Hey Nunnie, Nunnie (of which there are no photos since my hands were full of broccoli cheddar soup in a delicious bread bowl).

We followed up lunch with Zilch the Torysteller:

Then I almost squashed this little guy:

We caught 2 Shanty Man and the Bonnie Lass shows (semi by accident).  We unintentionally watched the fire eating show, then we stayed for their following dirty show.
A very pregnant Bonnie Lass and a Shanty Man with fire rods.

Yeah, he put those out with his mouth.

Teh Bear found a pitcher that represents my feelings on alcohol:

Definitely a mug pitcher for Teh Megan.

Then we walked around until it was time to take our seats for our final show of the evening, THE TORTUGA TWINS!!!!!!!

Scaramouche really was taken with the "Fuzzy Hipster"

Raphael got some air!

We all wore sexy thongs?

The Brothers

I'm watchin' you Fuzzy Hipster!

My package?


Give us your monies cause we're awesome!

Tips for tricks...

One last hug for the road....
with butt grabbage.

Our group shot.
Please excuse all the dust particles..  err ghosts or whatever.

Vacation Recap Map:

Being in Denver for the weekend, part 1
Being in Denver for the weekend, part 2
Being in AZ for half the week, part 1
Being in AZ for half the week, part 2
Being in AZ for half the week, part 3
Being in NC for an extended weekend
-Carolina Renn Faire (photos)  (this blog)
-Biltmore Flowers (photos)
Being in MD for the remainder of vacation

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