Friday, May 31, 2013

High Five for Friday #1

Really, I wanted to talk about some semi-awesome things.... and an awesome new linkup (which will probably end soon, with my current linkup streak) is a great way to do it!

I present to you:

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SO yeah, this.  Maybe not all time, but for today at least... we'll see.  I'd hate to start being a regular and then ruining it for everyone else when Lauren stops hosting it......

1.  Yesterday morning when I got to work, someone asked me if I was wearing makeup.  I wasn't, so they explained that I looked different/nice.  Not 30 minutes later, someone else walked into our office and asked if I had done something different because I looked good.  For having done nothing except put my hair in a different sock bun, I was pleased.

Said sock bun.
For as big as it is and has little hair as I have to cover it, the tiny slice of sock you can see doesn't hurt my feelings.

2.  Last day of May?  YAYYYY!!!!  That means that I survived the Blog Every Day in May challenge with only one slip up and I was only late.  I consider that a win in my book.  It also means that this non-existent month can finally end and I can schedule things without having to over-think them.

3.  Today is potentially a half day at work, but also my first time wearing my Dress Whites in....  yeah well, I had to get NAVCENT rockers removed to get AIRTEVRON ONE rockers put on.. I didn't wear my whites in Bahrain or GTMO.. so VA Beach, circa 2009?  Seriously.  Also, the dry cleaners on base, which should be stellar because it's a contract the Navy keeps, should be fired.  They suck hairy monkey balls.  Seriously!  They pressed pocket lines into my blouse!  AT THE BASE DRY CLEANERS!  Because flipping up the pockets on the inside before pressing the blouse is just too hard.  Additionally, the tailor shop isn't connected with the dry cleaners, even though you can see the ladies walk through the door to get to the tailor who is beside the dry cleaning shop, you still have to take your uniforms to the tailor then pick them up and drop them off at the dry cleaner instead of it being a one stop ship.  I'm definitely putting in a complaint when I go to pick up my suit (that I dropped off almost 2 weeks ago.. oops).  The cleaners in GTMO AND Bahrain were better, and the people that worked there weren't even American.  Sometimes, America is full of disappointment.  (Yes, I know I could sew on my patches and press my uniforms myself, but how would that support my local economy?)

4.  Teh Bear arrives for a short visit (for step 8 of 8) in less than 2 weeks!  These short countdowns are awesome (although no countdowns would be preferable).

5.  My flowers are blooming!  I planted something and it didn't DIE!!!!  YAY!  Also, the honeysuckle is blooming and I just lllllloooooooovvveee the smell!  I always think of Teh Sister trying to kill herself with it, ok she didn't really try to kill herself, but she found out she was allergic the hard way.

Ok, I didn't actually plant these, but I have been watering them and
I saved them from being weed-eated several weeks ago!

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  1. Pretty flowers!

    Also, when is Drew gonna be here and can we hang out and maybe do something the four of us??


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