Friday, May 24, 2013

24 May: Worst Traits about Teh Megan

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

Pffth, I don't have "worst" traits.  Everything about me is awesome, duh. (or so I'd like to believe)

1.  I'm incredibly stubborn.  I think I'm (almost) always right.  Which conveniently leads to #2.

2.  I'm a horrible follower until you prove your leadership is worth respecting.  I usually find faults with other people's leadership.  I find that most people aren't willing to step up and be a leader immediately, so in order to get shit done, I volunteer to lead even if I don't really want to just to keep things moving (think group efforts/team projects/etc).  I am usually not satisfied at other people's leadership if they volunteer to lead because I feel like they aren't doing as good of a job as I could.  It's definitely nothing personal.

3.  My inability to conceal my feelings due to the transparency of my facial gestures.  It's rarely a secret if I'm annoyed at you, unless you aren't looking at me.  If you've said something stupid, one look at my face will let you know I think so.  You have potentially made me angry?  One glance at my face and you'll know it's time for you to walk away... quickly.  Let's just say I don't play poker.  Ever.  That said, there's usually a light behind my eyes when I'm excited and concealing a smile/giggle is almost painful to me.


  1. You and I have #3 in common.
    Unfortunately (or is this a good thing?) I am also a horrible liar because of this. LOL my face tells on me everytime!

    Ebone @ California Bluebell

    1. I guess my parents think its a good thing! ;)

  2. I have the same issue with facial expressions. They give me away 9 times out of 10.

    Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

  3. Count me in for both #2 & #3. At least we have company!

  4. I definitely have known about number #2! I totally could agree with you, because in the past I would take stuff upon myself because I felt it would go wrong anyways if I didn't step in and take it on myself even if I didn't even want to do it. However, now I am okay with letting other people do things because that's how people learn by having opportunities too. However, when it comes to things for myself that are of me, then I definitely would rather do it myself, so I know it's exactly how I was thinking or would want it to be. Thank You So Much for leaving me another comment; I really appreciate it!


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