Thursday, May 2, 2013

2 May: I'm a know it all.

Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at blogging.  Not like, the posting every day, or the most superb content, or generally being awesome...  Ok, well, I'm not saying I'm NOT good at those things, but specifically, the technical side of blogging... I've pretty much got that under wraps.


That banner at the top?  Made that sucker myself (I also took that photo, fyi).
The layout?  I did it (no I don't care if you don't like it), I like the fact that it doesn't look like the chipper, "girly" blogs in the blogsphere (yeah, said that, #sorrynotsorry).  It doesn't have birds, anything pink, paisley, or books.
The width, the font, the links at the top?  Figured that out myself.

But you know what.. all that is a little too technical for a blog explanation . but seriously, if you're interested send me a message on Teh FB site or leave a comment.  I built a pretty badass powerpoint instructional guide to using Blogger for the Greyhound rescue group, I'd be happy to share.

I'm going to go back to middle school for this one..  We had to do a how-to presentation on anything we wanted.  Well, Gentle Readers, I'ma tell you how to easily treat yourself right... by telling you how to make a bowl of cereal.

1.  Acquire your favorite some cereal and some milk.  Steal it, buy it, make it, don't care, just get some.
2.  Acquire a container to hold said cereal and milk.  All you have is a cup?  No problem.  Only dish you have clean is that huge pot that you never use?  perfect.
3.  Acquire something to relocate cereal from the container to your mouth.  A fork?  Your hand?  A spoon? A spatula?  Smaller is better.
4.  Pour a you-sized portion of cereal into your container.  My great-uncle John always had a HEAPING bowl of Corn Flakes every.single.morning.  It was a masterpiece I tell you.  It was a perfect mountain of cereal in his bowl.  Then..  he'd take his hand and press down the mountain, crushing all the perfect flakes.  You don't have to do this.  I usually try to make a small mountain within the confines of the bowl.  Preferably not over the top edge.
5.  Add milk until cereal you can see it under the flakes or until it starts to float (cereal dependent).  I don't do a lot of milk because I don't drink the milk after eating the cereal.  You can.
6.  Use utensil to transport cereal to your mouth.
7.  Enjoy.

So why did I call this an easy way to treat yourself right?  Because a great day starts with breakfast!  A bowl of cereal takes about 5-7 minutes less to make and consume that 2 over-medium eggs with toast... for me anyways.  Eating breakfast has helped me get on a consistent eating schedule, which has helped me eat better, eat less, stop having headaches, lose weight, sleep better (no indigestion/heartburn), have a few minutes to myself before getting out the door....

Seriously though.  Eat something before you start your day.  The rest of the world will appreciate how much nicer you are when you aren't starving yourself.


  1. You don't like my blog design!? I'm hurt! =P By the way, I want a new fun and pretty design and I just don't know where to start. lol

  2. Oh, also! Cereal is a great breakfast. And I didn't eat breakfast for many years, and then I realized, hey, it's actually good for you to eat it!


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