Sunday, May 5, 2013

Color Me Rad VA Beach 2013

I'm becoming a "color run" pro.  Just saying.

After The Color Run in DC last Sept and Color Me Rad in VA Beach this past weekend ANDDDD my 2nd Color Run coming up in 2 weeks... PRO, ya'll.  I'd like to keep this up because these runs are such an absolute BLAST.

Also, to make up for all my long-winded posts recently, I give you photos!

Miss Reflective and I

This is Blue, named after her single blue eye.  She was the first dog I saw at the event.  She let me pet her and I couldn't stop thinking of ZepZep.  She will be important later.

Stretching pre-run.  I put my tattoo on my leg and realized afterwards how chilly it was
and had to add tights to my outfit.

Not sure why he couldn't have covered that sweater with a bit more clothes.
On the other hand, I bet he wasn't as cold as I was.

Cleanliness was almost over.

Here we goooo!!!!

I found Blue again!  She got colored!!!  /love

We ran the ENTIRE 5K!!  Badasses, aye!

Miss Reflective from the front

Miss Reflective from the back

Teh Megan from the front

Teh Megan from the back

'Bout to be Color Bombed!

Every non-covered crevice was covered in powder.

What being inside a Color Bomb looks like.

Miss Reflective got a little dusty.

Miss Reflective thought I needed more color,
she did at least wait till I had my mouth and eyes closed.

I thought she also needed some color.

Covered from head to toe.  Literally.

Miss Reflective

Miss Reflective thought my hair was pretty awesome looking.
I agree.

Miss Reflective, I'm sorry I didn't check the background before taking this photo.

I'm curious if she was doing it on purpose though...

Teh Megan does the Cupid Shuffle

It was windy and cold and my nose started running...

And it only gets worse.

Color Bomb

here it comes..

like a sand storm rolling in.

The tutu was definitely a hit!

So clean!

Sorry for all those jiggles.  I was pretty excited.

There were also a mabillion photos (and a video) of Phil.. you'll have to check his blog in the upcoming days for that.  He was being pretty cute on this trip.

2 more weeks till another color blast!!!

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