Friday, May 3, 2013

3 May: The discomforts of life...

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

-When other people fart at work.  Seriously?  You can't just hold it for a second and walk out of the room?  Burping is completely acceptable though.

-Arguing in front of me.  I'm not saying don't talk it out, but I look away, it IS that whole "you can't see me if I can't see you" thing.

-Not knowing what I'm doing when people expect me to know what I'm doing... like.. my entire job at VX-1.  nbd.

-Knowing someone, but not remembering their name.

-Being sick in front of someone else.

-Crying in front of anyone else (except for Teh Bear in regards to some things, but not ALL things)

-Having to pull objects from animal's butts... like underwear (Rudy), yo-yo strings (Teh Sister's former dog)..

-Saying something and someone being offended by it.

-When people like their own FB statuses.

-When I forget to put on deodorant and realize that rank smell is coming from me.

-When someone else has a body odor but you know that telling them wouldn't make a different/would be rude.

-Watching someone be asked/have to answer "why don't you have any kids yet?" (/RAGE!)

-People who floss their teeth in public, or even chew on the flossers.  EW!

-When you wait for someone to finish talking and they breathe for a second so you start to talk and they start to talk again......

-Going to a work brief and being the only person under the age of 30.

-Going to a work brief and being the only female.

-When men stare just a little too long, not at my eyes...

-Knowing that someone thinks you're hitting on them when you're most definitely NOT...  being a nice person is hard, yo.

-Either of my parents mentioning sex... ALWAYS.

-When you're sitting in a group and you move and there's a sound like a fart, but you know you didn't fart, it was just the chair...

-When you think maybe the blog post has gone on for too long, but you keep thinking of more things to add..... ..... :D

(PS.  I completely failed at It's Ok Thursday this week, which makes me sad.  It's really just a testament to how crazy busy this week has been for me.)


  1. So you were in a rage at the retreat when Candy came up and asked my sister and I when we were going to have kids???

    1. I might have been, but I hid it well. It's almost all of my married
      friends that I've seen it happen to and it doesn't happen to the men,
      only the women.

      1. That is someone's personal business. From the naughty time to the
      decision making.. period.
      2. What if they can't have kids? SO RUDE!
      3. I understand the social norm is to get hitched and have babies,
      and that's what YOU did, but that doesn't mean it's MY job to keep
      fulfilling these cycles.

  2. Hahahaha! Amen to all of these!
    The only time farting is acceptable... is when it's a little baby :) Then you smile, laugh and congratulate. Ha!
    And parents should never EVER talk about sex in front of their kids. Especially because we all know our parents only did the deed 1 time, and that was when we were conceived. Other than that? It just doesn't happen ;)

    1. There was that one time that I caught them "napping" naked....
      I think that was when they learned the "answer my incessant knocks when I don't go away after 30 seconds" lesson... :D

  3. I have one son and I hate it when people won't stop asking why we aren't pregnant with another. IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Period. Then they start spreading that I'm infertile and I had one friend say,"does it make you uncomfortable to be around my 4 children. Does it hurt you?" No, but the conversation is!!!

    1. 1. I see your display photo and I mustache you a question! tehehe.
      2. Please see my response to the first comment.
      3. I think we should just all agree, people are stupid!


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