Wednesday, May 29, 2013

29 May: Muzaks

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. 

(sorry I'm late) :(

1.  Bacchanale (PS, that video isn't short, but damn it's good)
For me this song represents my last concert semester in band.  We didn't actually get to play this piece for contest because our band was too small to make a big enough sound, but we LOVED this piece.  It also helped that we had a substitute director that day who made it even more fun. The more the director dances, the better the band, IMO.  My love for this piece will never die.

2.  Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground Honestly, I hate this song.  I hated this song after the mabillion times I heard it played.  This song came out during the summer my parents finally separated.  Teh Sister, Four-Eyes (my neighbor at the time), and myself often spent as many days as we could possibly get a ride at the community pool.  We practically stayed water-logged.  During the summer, all the other pool frequenters were school aged kids who weren't around their parents, so the rebellious thing to do was listen to the "sex song" that was popular at the time.  Seriously, kids would like up at the jukebox to play this song and I wanted to drown them.

3.  So Far Away by Staind This song came out before I started my senior year of high school.  Teh Ex-Fiance bought this album and Evanescence's first album for me on one of our first dates.  We would have sing alongs to this song and we even went to Oz Fest to see Staind.  This was back in 2003 when Chevelle was an opening band.  I got the worst sunburn ever, but it was my first concert, so it was totally worth it.  PS.  Teh Ex-Fiance looked creepily like Aaron Lewis.

 4.  Dare You to Move by Switchfoot I'm pretty sure that some psychic force used to be in Teh Kaar and it would know when Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover and I were getting in the car together.  There was a period when this song would play every.single.time we were in the car together.  I'm not even exaggerating.  Even after she had left the country, sometimes she'd call while I'd be driving and the song would come on the radio even though it wasn't even popular anymore.  Then when she came back to the country and I went to visit her, the song played while we were on our way somewhere.  Now anytime it comes on, I message her, because that's OUR song.

5.  Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros I've deemed this "our song" for me and Teh Bear.  I told him before he came to visit me in Bahrain he needed to learn the words so if it came on my ipod while we were out that he HAD to sing it with me.  I left no option there.  He did actually learn the words, even though he said he never remembers the lyrics to songs, AND he actually sang it with me.  There is video of me serenading him in Teh Kaar to this song.  Teh Bear still sings it with me if it comes on.  /swoon.

A bonus:
My current fave song:
Red Hands by Walk the Earth
Also, how freakin' awesome is this video???


  1. Hey I'm Ginny! I'm from Raleigh NC! I found you through the NC bloggers linkup. I was born in Durham, went to college at Meredith in Raleigh and still am here in the capital city. SO glad to see other NC bloggers! I have a lifestyle blog called Buttergirl Diaries. So nice to meet you! I like your blog!!

  2. Dude, #2 is seriously one of the most annoying songs on the PLANET. And it had a super creepy video also, so bad images every time.

    3 & 4 are awesome!


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