Monday, May 27, 2013

27 May: Letter to You..

Day 27, Monday: A letter to your readers

Dear Gentle Readers,

Are you glad that May is almost over?  No more of these incessant blogs posts?  Back to Teh Megan only posting on Thursdays/Fridays/Mondays/Wednesdays (YAY Wednesday sunglasses posts!) random days that end in 'y'??  (Oh btw, apparently the It's Ok Thursday linkup ends at the end of the month, I don't even have word to accurately convey the disappointment of participating in an awesome linkup and then it ending.. or at least nice words)..

I'm a little sad, abet semi-relieved that May is almost over.  For a few reasons:
1.  I don't acknowledge the month of May.  It's not you, May, it's me.  Ok, maybe it is you, I can't be sure, but either way, it's been making scheduling things incredibly difficult since my brain thinks I'm still at the end of April and people are trying to schedule stuff in June, which means that everything is at least a month away.. Except that it's really the end of May and things in June are actually only a few days/weeks away.

2.  I've (miraculously) kept up with blogging every day, but holy moly the pressure!  I feel like the "free time" that I consider my evenings has dwindled slightly due to making sure that blogs are written/scheduled/shared, etc.  Add to that getting out of work later now, lack of time is cramping my evening activities schedule...  Which honestly consists of taking Phil for a walk/run, feeding Phil/Teh Megan, and then watching episodes of The West Wing (I'm almost finished!) while simultaneously writing blogs/checking FB/texting peeps/stuff.  I always tell myself I'll head to bed at 9 and by 10 I'm cursing myself for not doing what I said I would.  Go figure.

3.  Teh Bear is coming for a short visit and to complete step 8 of 8 in June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wooooooooooo!!!!  This has been the longest, most stupid, tedious, hiring process of my entire life.  I didn't even have to do all these steps Teh Bear has to join the military or even get a clearance.  Seriously.  I'm surprised they didn't ask him for a blood sample at this point.

4.  There will be a "busy-cation" at the end of June.  I'm planning on dragging Teh Bear with me (if the stars align and maybe I can find a goat for a sacrifice) to NY to visit my yankee relatives and to attend my cousin's wedding.. THENNNNN we'd be road-tripping it to MO to see Teh Sister graduate Army Bootcamp... FYI, she was a high school ROTC Shoremate before she was ever my Battleship.  Then, we'd head back to MD, where Teh Bear would hopefully be relocated to for permanent (or at least until my time in Pax River is complete).  At least that's my plan.  Whatever happens with this job situation really dictates what goes down.  Must start that hunt for a goat now.

5.  One month closer to winter  (ok really, I just needed that 5th item).

So there you have it.  I'm glad you're all here, even gladder (yep, that happened) if you made it this far in the letter.  I'm pretty much a letter master now since I miraculously find stuff to write to Teh Sister 5/7 days of the week.  You're welcome for this obvious display of my skillz.

Fortunately for you, this isn't a letter to Teh Sister, otherwise I'd have to end it in a corny joke.

Meh, I don't even care.  I'll give you the same joke I gave her in her letter today (which is extremely relevant is you've seen the joke on the About Me page:

Q:  What do you call a fish with 13 eyes?
A:  Fiiiiiiiiiiiiish.

I'm sure I just solidified my readership numbers.

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