Friday, May 10, 2013

10 May: For (lack of) Shame!!!

Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment(s). Spill.

My most embarrassing moment happened, unsurprisingly, when I was in middle school.  As a girl I, somewhere, picked up that I should be "ashamed" of my body and all its functions.

I've already written about it here.  Scroll down to #10 to check how I left my used feminine hygiene product in someone else's stall in a public restroom.  Oops.  If it happened now, I would have laughed, apologized, and moved on.  Ahhh, sweet, sweet adulthood.

I've decided on a twist for this prompt (suplize).  Let's talk about times that I probably should have been embarrassed, but wasn't?  Yeah.  Lets.

-My first time at VX-1 PT when I pulled down my pants to my ankles... and my shorts went down too...  And I was standing in the machine room in a t-shirt and underwear for at least 3-5 seconds...  Only one other person saw it.  I found this more hilarious than embarrassing.  I laughed about it for a week afterwards and the girl that saw it sometimes still reminds me and likes to share the story (I let her, cause I'm awesome).

-At my very first Color Run, I was talking with my running mates about getting blown off so we could be "cleaner" before we finally decided to leave.  A group of people walked past us and one of the guys (who was black) walked by me and said, "Am I clean enough?!" I said, "YES! You're so colorful!" He laughed and said, "So are you!" I responded, "We're the same color??!! Who would have ever thought?!" Immediately, I recognized the potential awkwardness of the comment, but he didn't take it the wrong way and responded with, "Well said!" before continuing on his way with his group of friends.  I didn't get beat up that.  Again, I thought this situation was amusing, abet slightly awkward, but not really embarrassing.  I'm sure that my friends and parents were slightly embarrassed for me though.

-When I fell in the mud in GTMO while walking to the movies, dressed in a brand new outfit.  Super cute skirt, cami top, Old Navy flip flops (this was when their popularity started to wane with me due to lack of traction).  I was feelin' like I could take on the world.  I didn't see the mud since it was dark outside and I slipped and the story (via Teh Bear) is that it looked like slow-motion.  One minute I was walking just fine and the next I was falling very slowly to my butt.  I wasn't embarrassed.  I was pissed that my brand new clothes got literally soiled and extremely proud that I didn't spill a single drop of my alcoholic beverage.  Bitches, what?!

-In Bahrain as I was walking across the parking garage into the mall, there was an oily spot on the concrete that I slipped on.  I pretty much "took a knee" against my will.  I'm not sure if anyone saw it.  I was just angry that my knee had landed so hard, I had skinned my knee and was bleeding almost staining my pants!

-Despite having been at VX-1 for 1.5 years now, I still don't know where some of maintenance offices are downstairs....  I'm almost slightly proud at my resistance of this knowledge.

-The infinite amount of times I said something genuinely and it comes out sounding dirty which makes me laugh... and get to say, "That's what she said!" asking the most senior enlisted person currently at VX-1 if he would read me bedtime stories since he has a Scottish accent. reading the name Phil Ennis as penis. telling someone to "just stick it in there..." in regards to putting something in the safe. saying, "It's so hard." in relation to anything relating to my job.
...and sooo many more.

Do you see how hilarious you actually are, or are you easily embarrassed?

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