Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Ok Thursday #12

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok.... feel guilty for missing last week because of the "post every day" thing.
...that for as perverted as I can be, I hadn't used "sex" as a blog label until 3 May 2013.... not really want to have company. stay in on Friday night because you had company almost every week night. feel relieved after finally receiving my first letter from Teh Sister.. (mostly because I had a strange dream she died after my Twilight weekend). schedule blog posts. keep certain people as friends on FB because you know they have enough drama to make you feel better about your own life or are unbelievably funny although maybe mostly inappropriate. be nervous about doing something new because you've never done it before. HUG a request chit because you're so excited it was approved.  (YAY Full Motion Video Exploitation school in August!!!!) want to go ahead and start planning for that August trip.
...that I can't plan for the August trip because if Teh Bear is actually in MD by then, I won't need a dog sitter...... feel relieved after going on a run. forget to do the exercises the physical therapist tells me to do for most of the week. HATE the exercises the physical therapist tells me to do (planks and planks while lifting each limb).. have an overgrown yard because the fear of putting together and operating a weed eater for the first time in my entire life is overwhelming me... and to also have a fear of poop being slung at me because of the weed eater. be concerned over what to wear for this weed-eating adventure. be semi-annoyed to have planned to schedule something for this week, except my landlord didn't get back to me until the week was over.....  grrr. have to cancel the scheduled thing with the landlord... due to weather/conflicting schedules. get out of weed eating due to the weather. start getting excited about an event in 2 weeks (The Color Run in DC).... have progressed to step 7 of 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be anxious about our first Pets on Wheels adventure today! over-commit...  even though you tried not to and held out to 2 days prior before going on a scheduling craze. be ok with door-guarding/escort duty because it gives me time that I can work on my own things vs working on work issues. learn things about people via their FB. use Bets (the expensive stand mixer) most often for shredding chicken.

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