Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Color Run DC May 2013!

3rd color run.  cha-ching!

I'm not even tired of color running.  Seriously.  I'm addicted.  I think it's something they put in the color packets.. besides the corn starch.

This time it was me, Miss Reflective, Teh Humanitarian, and Teh Korean that went together.  We even saw our former color run partner!

My first RUNICORN sighting at packet pick up.
Also, how about that awesome Reading Rainbow shirt Teh Bear got for me off woot?

Race ready!

Full on ridiculous.

3 of 3 together!

I'm late to jump on the mustache bandwagon, but I can't help it.
I revel in the ridiculous.

Teh Korean and Teh Humanitarian...
..were quite unprepared for the color that was about to happen.

This might be one of my new favorite photos.

RUNICORNS are badass.

So badass that they deserve bunny ears.

Baby's first color run.

Teh Humanitarian is a badass.

First color zone.

I'm sad this was the back of the sign.

Last color zone.

This kinda turned out to be a cool pic.  After the last color zone, my stache fell off my shirt and I was taking a photo of the white space.  I love this necklace, I put it back on when Teh Sister left for bootcamp cause it's got my "big sis" charm.  It also got Miss Reflective in full run to the finish line!

Best background ever... porta-potties.
Our after run colors, pre after party.

Color tosses are AWESOME... and beautiful.

Miss Reflective and I.

Woo!  Color for all!

Or just add a bit of rain/drizzle to The Color Run.

Teh Korean and Teh Humanitarian after they finished!

Miss Reflective's tye-dye hand.

Baby finished the color run!

Teh Korean's hat turned out pretty awesome.

Miss Reflective, Teh Korean, and Teh Humanitarian cheering for some color!


The gang!

Who needs fingernail polish?

About to toss some color, but my tye-dye hands were awesome.

Teh Humanitarian getting her groove on.

Miss Reflective (top) and I (bottom) with our super dirty shoes and awesome tutus.

Teh Korean displaying her 'stache.

Teh Gang during a color toss!

Miss Reflective's arm 'stache.

Final color run results!

Everyone loves the taste of corn starch!

Our former Color Run partner found us!

Final colors with a RUNICORN = WIN.


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