Friday, May 17, 2013

Helping you decide...

I know that the title of Teh Blog is "can I decide another day?" but I'm going to help you make a decision, Gentle Readers.

The decision to like cIdad? on FB.  It's super simple.

1.  Click this link:
2.  Like Teh FB page.
3.  Receive updates when new blogs are posted, have the ability to comment on FB (don't pretend you're not already on FB a million hours a day anyways, you know you needed another site to add to your list of "what to read when I open my browser"), show me some support to keep me motivated, help spread the cIdad? word.

See, and that's how you decided today!  Go tell your friends.
PS.  I know how hard it was to make that decision right away.  Go have a piece of chocolate and blame me.

My sad face if you don't like Teh FB page.

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