Monday, December 2, 2013

All the things you missed... part 1

I actually had to do research on my own blog to see what I talked about last that wasn't school or rant related.  That was at the beginning of November, wow.  Bad blogger, aye.

Mostly, November was spent doing school work.  I'm sure you gathered this as all my Gentle Readers are of above average (which is to say A+ in my book, because above course standards is shit), not based purely on the fact that you read my drivel.

After Teh BFF left, it was study time, but I did take a break on Veteran's Day to be a fatty-mc-fatterson and eat out twice.  Glutton, I know, but I did at least bring Teh Bear a meal home so he could enjoy eating out too!

We had Khakigiving at work as our VX-1 Thanksgiving.  For my non-military, Khakigiving is where the E7 and above make thanksgiving dinner for the E6 and below.  E7+ serve the food and don't eat until after all the E6 and below have gotten a chance.  They also did the pie in the face fundraiser, which was entertaining to watch.  If you get a pie in the face several years in a row, do you start to feel like your sailors either NOT like or REALLY like you?  I can't be sure, but for some people I know they were nominated because it was definitely a negative thing....  I wasn't even nominated, so there's that little gem.

Oh the things you can find in Target Dollar Spot.

I spent our DUI free Pioneer Day doing homework, because, yeah.  The increase in homework meant a significant decrease in the working out (in addition to the below 35°F temps outside which gives me a non-smokers cough when I go outside).  I skipped several praise band practice sessions and had to leave early one week for homework.  Phil was lucky to get walks in the month of November and our Pets on Wheels visits were minimal as well.

Most of the homework cramming had to do with the fact that Teh Bear and I ventured down to NC to get Yurtle inspected the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I could have gotten out of it by "getting my oil changed or tires rotated professionally" in MD (because those things are definitely the same as getting an inspection), but the last weekend of the Carolina Renaissance Festival was that same weekend and Teh Bear said he would like to go, so we did.

We stopped in Hillsborough to get Yurtle inspected and (I'm about 99.9% sure on this one), some asshole there closed my hood with the rod still holding up the hood.  We didn't find this out till Friday night when Teh Bear went to refill my windshield washer, but we had to force the hood closed again, which is how I know it was purposely done the first time.  SO MUCH RAGE.  The only reason that I didn't call or go back by was because to fix it, they would have had to have been open.  We weren't going back by Hillsborough until Sunday and they weren't going to be open and I wasn't missing the Renn Faire.  Teh Dad actually fixed it for me, but I'm not sure the status because I've been trying to ignore the problem so it goes away (much like my approach to homework, which didn't really work).

Thursday night when we arrived in NC, Teh Stepmom cooked thanksgiving dinner for us.  She was actually planning on NOT making thanksgiving dinner at all, but she changed her mind since Teh Bear and I were coming down so close to the holiday.  It was delicious even though there was no butt stuffing (as in, from the turkey butt, pervs) and no dark meat.  Teh Bear worked on Teh BFF's computer and I played with my nephew pups and sent pics to Teh Sister to give her a doggie fix.

Apparently Dell has a million screws in their laptops, but they are all hidden.
Good game, Dell, good game.

Getting my nostrils cleaned by Noodles.
(/sads for the last photo with the earrings)

Teh Bear playing with Judge.

Friday we went exploring in the mountains, which was a delight.  Very rarely do we get to just have adventure days, but I'm glad we did.  We met Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover for lunch at Come Back Shack (YUM!) then we went to Grandfather Mountain and "joined the mile high club" (tehehe) and then went to Linville Caverns.  After finding an NC wreath for myself (because bringing NC to MD was necessary), we headed back down the mountain and met Teh BFF + fiance in Hickory for dinner at Mellow Mushroom.  At Mellow Mushroom, I actually ordered an adult beverage because it was like they knew I was coming and made a drink especially for me.  It was called "Call Me Pumpkin" and its primary ingredient was Sailor Jerry.  Duh.  I would have actually gotten more than one if they hadn't been $5 each.  Booo.  But OMG delicious!  It was after this that I went on a rain-x windshield washer fluid hunt and was finally successful at Wal-Mart, after looking at Target and stopping by a close automotive store.  Who closes their store at 8pm on a Friday night??  Ugh.

Being silly.  All is well.

Rawrrr, so strong!

Ooo, so brave.

Ooo wee, a mile up!

AHHHHHH!!!!!! Total panic.

Teh Bear wanted to start this trail.
We didn't get very far.

Far away view of the Mile High Bridge.
Sadly, it was super foggy so the view was limited.

Moving on...

Sadly, all the bats have been removed due to a fungus that is growing in the cave that is killing them.

Hello Mr. Blue Critter.

Fishies were actually stationary in the flowing water in the cavern.
They are also probably blind from being in the darkness.


Elephantiasis Stalactite 

Stalactites and Stalagmites growing together

The only light you would have had in the caverns in the 1800s.

It was hard to get enough light to get a decent selfie.
Mellow Mushroom Wake 'n Bacon Pizza.  Yes that is over easy egg, mushrooms, bacon, asparagus, and chives..
Just trust me.   IT WAS DELICIOUS.

Saturday we got up kinda early and headed to Huntersville for a day of face-aching-laughter.  Teh Bear suggested stopping at Krispy Kreme on the way, and who am I to turn down such a genius idea?  The renn faire.. OMG so much cheek soreness.  It was such a blast.  Remember my post about the MD vs NC Renn Faire?  Well, the NC faire upped their game and they now have better food options.  Maybe I was just more observant this time?  I don't think so though, because they actually had roasted chicken with mashed potatoes which I'd never seen before.  The worst part about the fair wasn't the face pain or the traffic to leave.. it was the fact that I lost one of my earrings that I had actually purchased at the MD Faire.  I was SUPER disappointed.  I'm actually still not over it, and only partially because that was a $10 earring.  Those were my FALL earrings.  I got soo many compliments on them!  Boo.  After getting home and eating thanksgiving leftovers for dinner (YUMMMMMM), we decided to get in the hot tub, but we had forgotten swim suits.  I asked Teh Dad to borrow swim trucks and tshirt and he ensured that I was the most shamed that I'd ever been in my life.......  I'll never get over that.  Ever.

Zilch the Torysteller

Hey Nunnie Nunnie

Scottish Egg, nomnomnom

The Ded Bob Show

Our first Tortuga Twins show.

Teh Bear was singled out for the 2nd year in a row.
No kisses this year.

We said hey to the Hounds of Fairhaven, where after sharing that we had a greyhound, one of the ladies asked if we were interested in helping with the faire.  I had to sadly tell her that we live in MD.  Boo.

Pirate Shanty Man and the Bonnie Lass

Watching the glass maker make a mug.

Watching the final Tortuga Show (ouuuuch my cheeks)

This was my first ever show of theirs where the audience member they choose got pissed off at them.
The girl was extremely rude, but they didn't even let it deter them.

Sunday, we got up and headed back to MD so that way we wouldn't get home late and I might be able to accomplish a bit of homework before bed (ha).  We had Krispy Kreme for breakfast, again (per Teh Bear's suggestion), Bojangles for lunch (nomnomnom) and I fulfilled my Cookout shake quota right before we crossed into VA.  There are some staples that I might be addicted to.  I can't help it.  It doesn't help that my addictions aren't accessible to me.

As a bonus for making it to the end, I'm going to share with you the most shameful experience of my life....
So I asked Teh Dad for a tshirt and swimming trunks so we could get in the hot tub.  I was very difficult to get a photo of.  It took Teh Bear several minutes of coaxing to get me to turn around.  And then this:

This was me refusing to turn around because Teh Bear was not going to love me anymore after I showed him.

Yes, that is me... wearing a Duck Dynasty tshirt.
Teh Bear even made mention of my "tiny, insignificant fists" while I was in this state....
And he laughed and laughed at me..

Yeah, Teh Dad definitely was pleased with himself.  Jerk.

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  1. That turkey hat is hilarious! I need one for my dad LOL
    BTW, im hosting a "Tell All Tuesdays" Blog Hop. Join us!
    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  2. So.... I know that I could never, ever go on that bridge. Oh my stinking gosh. I mean, I knew it was a mile high bridge. But I didn't really "think" about it until I saw your picture that said 5,280 ft. And yes, I know how many feet are in a mile but it just didn't register until I saw it. OH MY GOODNESS. AHHH. I get the heebies and dizzy just thinking about it.

    Also, I've never seen Duck Dynasty nor do I understand the hype of it, but why was it your most shameful moment wearing that shirt?

  3. sounds like you had a crazy long weekend adventure! we went to our local ren fest as well this weekend & it was awesome. Have a great one!


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