Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday #10


Five day work week, you suck.  On Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday, on Thursday I thought it was Wednesday.  Friday, you're an elusive jerk.  I feel like surviving this week has been an accomplishment! 


I really, really, really should work on getting my EAWS pin.  For my non-Navy Gentle Readers, EAWS = Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist.  It's like the IDW pin I got in Bahrain (you member?), except for the aviation community.  I have been tasked since I arrived at VX-1 to get this pin and I just have zero motivation to get it because my allegiance to the aviation community is practically nil.  I know I will get it, I just.. wah wah wah, excuse excuse excuse.  My goal for December was to finish getting signatures on my last few sections (like less than 5 sections to get signatures for), learn all the content, and have the test and board completed by the end of January.  Part of my motivation problem was that my last school semester really burned me out and I just wanted an educational break.  I don't want to learn, I want to blog and be lazy and watch Grey's Anatomy and not have to do anything (except wrap Christmas presents).  But, now we have passed the halfway point of December and I've yet to do anything with it, except print out some flashcards to study from (even though I made flashcards, yes I'm an overkill master). 


I was checking out and it's really not looking good for any class I could want to take.  The reviews are horrible for all the professors teaching the next 4 classes listed in my academic plan.  It's like AMU puts the good teachers on the initial classes so students get a good experience and you've already started the program so you're less like to transfer out, and then the other teachers are designated to teach in classes later down the line and they are horrible.  I know that what I'm seeing on the website might be skewed, but I've posted on that website since starting school again, so I do value those opinions in a way.  I really miss NC State's professor review website, which doesn't seem to exist anymore.  It came before and was extremely helpful in which classes and professors I took.  Most of the poor reviews I'm seeing have to do with the instructor's lack of participation in the class.  Which only makes me reflect on my INTL501 professor and what an awful experience that was.  So after being burnt out from last semester and the poor reviews, I'm scared to sign up for more classes.  The lack of instructor participation makes me wish I lived closer to DC so I could go to a brick and mortar school and instead have to worry about getting to class rather than lack of instructor participation.


Teh Bear will be working this weekend, which is totally ok since we will be off together for Christmas, so I'm taking the opportunity to save on shipping costs, by having an increase fuel cost and meeting Teh Sister to exchange presents.  I also will be enjoying English Christmas as one of the Brits from worked invited us to their house for mince pies and mulled wine.  I'm excited since I missed out last weekend on an invitation since I was party-prepping Teh House.  For church on Sunday, I'll be in the sound booth again, but this time potentially using the new computer and presentation program, which is scary yet exciting. 


YAY for Teh Bear's birthday!  I didn't make a bday post for him which I've seen several bloggers do for their significant other's birthday.  I didn't even get a card, which I admitted to him, made me feel super guilty.  Then again, we did have a party on Sunday, a nice dinner (which he actually cooked) on Tuesday, saw Thor 2 on Wednesday, and we have plans to see The Hobbit next week when we're off together at one of the theaters with the recliner seats.  It's like perpetual birthday celebration.  He did remind me to not let him open future birthday presents early, as he was a bit disappointed that he didn't have anything to open on his birthday.  Yet, he's used his bday present every day since opening, so I feel like it was a pretty good trade off.  He announced last night that Earl Grey Tea is delicious, so maybe that's his favorite?  I know that we've been going through mugs much faster than I ever did.

YAY for 2 short work weeks, 2 weeks in a row!!  See, there are good days in the Navy!  The ones where you don't have to be there.  :D

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