Friday, December 6, 2013

All the things you missed... part 2

Monday-Wednesday consisted of homework, homework, homework.  On Wednesday at work, I gave a brief to the entire squadron.  I had never done public speaking in front of that many people before (250+), so there was that.  Additionally, no one wants to care about security, but everyone has to.  Finally, as much as everyone else wanted the brief to be done, I wanted it to be done too, especially knowing how little interest there was in my presentation.  I did require audience participation, I would say "Security is..." and everyone would say with me "...everyone's responsibility."  Good times.  After our safety stand down, a group of us went out to lunch at Red Robin, nomnomnom.  (I'm starting to see a theme about my life and food).  After lunch was homework time, boo. I finished my HR project and submitted it, so I didn't have worry about it anymore.

Thanksgiving was full of deliciousness.  I went over to Teh Greyhound Neighbor's for lunch, where I drank a half glass of wine, for the first time in my life, and had delicious foods.  I got to bring a plate home for Phil and Teh Bear.  Later, I went to Teh FL Greyhound Neighbors for dinner.  We made a plate for my coworker who was on watch and delivered it to him.  After all the foods, it was time to go back home and ignore homework for a bit longer.

(Black) Friday, Teh Bear suggested we venture out and get shopkicks since it was mega-points day.  We had lunch at Bob Evans and scanned until my piece of shit phone died.  We did buy some stuffs, which I insisted must be wrapped and opened on Christmas since it was all purchased after Thanksgiving.  He didn't like that.  He's also the WORST person to find Christmas presents for.  Truly.

Friday night, I FINALLY finished my intel paper.  I didn't even wait to review it the next day, I reread it after finishing it, and submitted it.  I was exhausted with having to deal with the damn thing at all.

Saturday morning we picked up our new foster pup, Mary, who happens to be Phil's half-sister.  We also made Christmas happen!  Teh Bear and I went out and purchased decorations and a real Christmas tree (I can't tell you the last time I had a real tree).  That evening, Teh Singing Cat Lady and Podcaster came over for dinner and a game of Farkle (which I of course lost, because I'm the worst gambler ever).

Sunday, Teh Bear and I went to church (Teh Bear's first time in several weeks due to work).  After we got home, Christmas exploded at Teh House.  It was delightful.  I didn't think I had that many ornaments.  Apparently, I have enough..  actually I have MORE than enough.  I didn't even put on all the ornaments.  Sunday evening, Teh Humanitarian and Teh Coast Guardian came over for dinner and Mexican Dominoes, which I actually WON!!!!!!  WOOO!!!!!!

I was sad when Monday morning rolled around because work was not high on my list of preferred activities.

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