Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Exit 2013, stage left! Enter 2014, stage right!


Ah the start of 2013.  I'm going to be honest and say that January sucked.  I was super stressed out from the upcoming move and I was long-distanced out of our relationship.  It actually snowed and I started vloggin (which lasted approximately 4 weeks before the linkup died) and doing It's Ok Thursday (which I really enjoyed, but it lasted approximately 2-3 more months before the linkup was cancelled), yes I saw the trend.  I got sick at the end of month and flew to Dallas, TX (for Teh Stepsister's boot camp graduation) with sinuses that might have almost exploded.

The Skyping was still going strong.


Teh Bear went with me to the graduation and came back to MD to help me move.  I learned my landlords were awesome when I received a card in the mail from them with a $25 Target gift card.  It was my birthday and Teh Bear bought me my awesome Scotland ring.  We went skiing.  I got food poisoning and our relationship lost all its mystery on Valentines Day.  I got my first GEGR foster dog named Donner.  I started watching The West Wing, which made me feel politically savvy and let me crush hard on Rob Lowe.   I was real about the fact that adulthood is hard.


I started off the month studying for my PO1 exam and after taking the exam I became a reasonable individual again.  I stood watch.  We had real talk about babies and marriage since my LDR was still long-distancing me out.  I admitted how much the month of May doesn't matter to me.  I participated in the Carabox exchange, which was a flop (not so much in what I got, but what I gave my person didn't seem to be what they expected.. who has expectations of a GIFT?  whatevs.  Then there was drama between myself and the girl who organizes the exchange I finally just said fuck it, I was pissed.  I have only participated in a single Reddit exchanges since this).  Teh Bear came to visit, but it was too cold for cherry blossoms.


I told you how to get Sirius radio for cheap.  I encouraged modesty when it's hot outside.  I went to my first sex toy party where I had to pretend I was bangin' my LPO (boss) on a sex swing (I can't even make that up).  My 2nd foster dog, Rudy, broke my spirit and hurt Phil.  I went and saw off Teh Sister when she left for Army bootcamp.  I had a dog event filled weekend when Miley came to hang out with me (I miss that girl so much!).  I finished off the month with a Twilight marathon and babysitting and judged the shit out of myself.

I miss you baby girl!


I did a blog every day challenge.  I ran the Color Me Rad 5k with Miss Reflective.  I gardened, in real life.  Fashion Doesn't Agree With Me posts became regular.  I then ran The Color Run 5k in DC (my last run with Miss Reflective ): ).


June started with a trip to VA Beach for a commissioning ceremony.  On my way back to MD I picked up Teh Bear from the airport so he could complete the last part of the process to get the job in MD.  That was also the same month that I had a leadership turnover after a VERY explosive situation with my former LPO, these things were not causal, but I'd say the change came at a great time.  Blogs in June were mostly Sunglasses posts and I finally finished the November 2012 vacation recaps.  My favorite post of the month was the Biltmore Gardens post because all.the.flowers!  At the end of the month, Teh Sister and I went up to NY to attend a wedding for one of my NY cousins, we kept a log of the ridiculous stuff we said.


July meant the River Concert Series was back at St. Mary's College, which was awesome, despite it being so ridiculously hot.  I spent the 4th of July NOT in a hospital room!  Google Reader got the ax.  I considered starting a Master's program.. and then I started.a.Master's.Program....  I ranted about being the photographer friend.  I told you about my inability to tolerate spicy food.

Hercules on Netflix is always a win.


Usually the most stressful month of the year, based on historical review, this year didn't fail me.  But, it balanced out when TEH BEAR MOVED TO MD!!!!  My last solo weekend was unimpressive, but I documented it anyways.  I suggested you encourage and challenge little girls in the same way you would little boys.  The bitching about school started.  And we finished off the month by with a long weekend that went into September.  We got a new foster pup, Ruthie, who almost stayed, I permed my hair, we did the touristy thing in Annapolis (where I was educated that Annapolis is the capital of MD, not Baltimore), and followed that up the next day with the touristy thing in DC.


The first real weekend of September we attended the First Friday thing in Leonardtown, which wasn't as impressive or packed as Denver's First Friday and the MD Renn Faire.  The next weekend I did the Color in Motion 5k with Teh Greyhound Neighbor and her daughter, which didn't super impress me, but at one point I did feel like Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) with all the pink and blue.  I told you how to make Chicken and Gnocchi soup, which is delicious and mostly unhealthy.  We finished up the month with the Battle of Britain celebration, where we got dressed up, and I made a trip up to NJ for my Godson's baptism.  Teh Bear was going through training during September, so we had a relatively consistent schedule.


In October, I finally watched season 8 of How I Met Your Mother, we went to the MD Renn Faire again, we brought Ruthie and Phil to a greyhound fun run.  We started Shopkicking, which has been a trial in patience due to my cell phone.  I told you how to make a Sopapilla Cheesecake, and learned that cooling it is a MUST.  We had real talk about dollaz.  Ruthie got adopted.  I ran the Monster Glow Dash 5k and then went to a Halloween party as a runner, because I'm clever.  Teh Bear started working his normal work schedule in October, so our schedule got a bit wonky until we figured it out.  It's been pretty smooth sailing and I kinda like the extra alone time it affords me.  After several years of plenty of alone time, it kinda became a necessity.  I also started my 2nd and 3rd graduate classes, and I subsequently learned not to take 2 classes at the same time ever again.  Finally, Teh BFF came for a visit over Halloween and we went to the zoo (which I've yet to post pics from, obviously I'm the best blogger ever).


November was the halfway point of the 8-week semester.  The work load got heavier and I fell off the blogging train other than sunglasses and weekend wrap-ups.  I bitched a lot about school.  We had another real talk about my multiple personalities babies.  I started the reoccurring 4 Things blog subject.  Teh Bear and I went to NC to get Yurtle inspected.  We also hung out with Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover, Teh BFF, and Teh Family and we went to the NC Renn Faire (wooo!).  I experienced the most shameful moment of my life that weekend, all while ignoring the final papers I had to write to finish the semester off.  Thanksgiving happened and Teh Bear had to work, but Teh Greyhound Neighbors invited me over.  I gave you my thoughts on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  I ignored homework for a few more hours and finally finished reading the last Harry Potter book (PS, this was my first time ever reading them).  And I finalllllllyyyy concluded the semester having written over 25 pages worth of educational regurgitation in about 10 days, mostly sure that I was doing my HR plan completely wrong (but with no format and a lack of general guidance other that "do it," I didn't care much) and knowing I would probably fail my intel papers just on principle of my professor sucking.

Phil's big accomplishment of November was that he finally learned to be a real retired racer and enjoy the couch.
This photograph is the only time he's ever snuggled me.


December 1st came with a sigh of relief that the school semester was finally over and there was no looming homework assignments hanging over my head!  There was celebration via a real Christmas tree being purchased.  Teh Bear and I started watching the Harry Potter movies since I was finished reading the series.  I got caught up on Grey's Anatomy which I'd not seen since episode 2 of season 10 (how did we make it to 10 seasons with all the dramatic life ending events that Meredith Grey is a part of?), which required a temporary Hulu+ subscription (uggg).  I finally got my grades back: HR class- 98.7, Intel class- 86.9.  We attended the VX-1 Holiday Party, where for the 3rd year in a row I didn't win anything.  We hosted an Ugly Sweater Birthday Party for Teh Bear.  I met Teh Sister in S.VA to exchange Christmas presents to save on shipping.  We had real talk about family.  I showed you our Christmas card and Teh Bear's surprise present.
Goodbye 2013!  Hello 2014!

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