Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday #9


Dear Five Day Work Week,
I dislike you greatly.  After a few weeks of having short weeks, I'm spoiled.  Knowing that there are several short work weeks coming made this week even more unbearable. 


Since this is the last weekend Teh Bear is off, I'm trying to fill it with adventures.  I'm thinking Flat Iron Farm on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and we have the Figgy Pudding church thingy on Saturday night.  Yurtle also needs an oli change, which requires a trip to Waldorf, so I'm thinking that lunch from Napoli's would be a grrrrreat idea.  Just makes me sad there is no coupons I can find.  I luuurve coupons.


Teh Bear suggested we get one of those toe tap power switches for the tree lights.  I love it.  I'm not sure why we never had one of these things growing up.  They are amazing and easy and I actually now enjoy having the lights on because I don't have to crawl under the tree to plug/unplug them at bedtime (the only time all the lights will stay on all night is on Christmas Eve, because tradition, duh). 

One of the more personal Cmas decorations that I haven't talked about is my "NC State" wreath.  Its an actual wreath from NC (I said we either needed a real tree or real wreath from NC and Teh Bear let me have my way) and its decorated in red/white wreath lights and red/white garland with a silver grey bow.  It's just short a Mr or Ms Wuf.

I really should do a Cmas decorations post. 

I went on a walk with Teh Greyhound Neighbor on Wednesday.  Since we were walking late in the evening, and it gets dark at 5pm, AND it's after thanksgiving.... so many houses have their Cmas lights up!  Including the house that I left a Cmas card at last year because I love their lights so much.  We might have tacked on an extra quarter mile because we wanted to walk through the neighborhood to see all the lights.


I might have had a 5 hour Grey's Anatomy marathon last night.  It was awesome.  I was starving at 4:30, so I had an early dinner, got the call to go back to work (which was expected), and came home and didn't move off the couch until bedtime.  I had to sign up for a Hulu+ trial to see early episodes from this season since I was so behind.  I just don't understand why Hulu+ would make you pay to watch episodes and still add commericals.  The worst part is that its the same commericals, over and over and over and over and over and over and over.... you get.  So my commericals were one about a pregnancy test that lets you find out 6 DAYS! earlier than "normal" pregnancy tests if you are pregnant, a Hallmark commerical where people just want to be told "I love you", and some stupid freakin' cruise line commerical with an OBNOXIOUS, ear-drum splitting trumpet solo at the end of it that almost made me stop watching the episodes all together.  Yes, it was THAT bad.  1.  I'm not a huge fan of the trumpet.  It's just not my thing.  Now, add to that a trumpet that is playing well above a normal octave?  Oh hell no.  Shut that shit down.


Now that Phil knows how to get on the couch, I love it when he lays with me.  He doesn't really snuggle with me per say, but he's close enough to pet when I look over and he's all adorably passed out.  The only downside to Phil on the couch is that we need a slipcover now since Phil's breath is atrocious and he sometimes drools when he sleeps... and the fur.  Teh Bear said he didn't mind the lack of fur on the furniture, and I didn't really either, but I really like having Philbo beside me when I'm home alone.

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