Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Free stuff

Mid-November, a friend from GEGR asked me if I was interested in owning a rowing machine.  I had only ever rowed before in Bahrain, which I did to kinda mix up my workout, and I enjoyed it.  She could no longer use the machine and she said if we could come pick it up it was ours.  SCORE!

The next evening we picked it up and subsequently learned after we got it home that we didn't have the proper set of allen wrenches to put it back together.  After getting the allen wrenches, Teh Bear finally put the machine together again, and we've been using it.

Wooo for a good workout!
(and this was after a run with the pups)
 This is also the same friend who brings Phil to his blood donation sessions once a month.  She is AWESOME!!!!!!

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