Sunday, March 2, 2014

Disney World! Disney World! Disney World!

Oh yes.. the magical land of the mouse.

So, with current recent life changing events having taken place, I realized I was kind of in a situation.  I needed to figure out a vacation plan.  You see, Teh Bear and I had scheduled a trip to Orlando in March to attend a wedding.  But, as the circumstances have changed, I figured that attending the wedding was no longer a calendar item for me, since it wasn't a friend of mine getting married.

But, you see.. what had happened was...  I was (kind of) an idiot and I paid Holiday Inn Resorts a $200 deposit for a free 3 night stay at their Orlando resort May 2013.  I have since learned that if they really want to sell you something, you shouldn't have to pay that much.  The kicker, of course, is that I have to sit through their timeshare presentation (which I'm easily able to turn down), but afterwards, I get my $200 back and a free 3 night stay.

AND, the most recent deal they offered was an extra night and they waved the "spring break" fee.  So, 4 nights, get my $200 back, or lose $200 and just stay in SoMD?  Yeah, I figured it was a good time to get my Mouse on, because what else is there to do in Orlando for 5 days? (and I have only been once. In 2005 with Teh Ex-Fiance)

I think I have completely conned Teh Sister into going on this excursion with me.  Although, I think she secretly enjoys seeing me get all excited and worked up about ridiculous things.. like character dining and the downtown parade and buying my own set of ears (even though she suggested Amazon for this, I did a search and didn't get impressive results).

As military, I can get a 4 day pass for $169, which isn't so bad considering it's Disney World and I don't really make it a regular thing.

I've been reading suggested dos and don'ts of WDW (Walt Disney World (yeah, I'm down with the lingo)) to help me figure out what the plan of the days should be, but its so hard and overwhelming cause ALL.THE.THINGS!!!  ALL.THE.EXCITEMENT!!!

I'm sure that in the upcoming month I'm going to be more and more obnoxious about it, driving Teh Sister crazy and making her regret her committing to this venture.

I'm happily accepting suggestions from Gentle Readers over the day to day action plan we should take!

I'm gonna get Mickey ears!  Na na na na naaa naaaa!

PS.  Should we do the pin trading thing??  Cause it seems really awesome.

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