Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday #16


I have been struggling with knowing that anyone can read Teh Blog lately, which is quite annoying.  Granted, most of the time, Teh Blog is a record of all my adventures, and I'm sure I will get back to that eventually, but right now.. I'm not really in the mood for public.  It's a difficult thing for me because for this long I haven't cared and now I do.

If I'm honest with myself its because I know Teh Bear can still read Teh Blog and despite him saying that he had unsubscribed, at that time, we were still Facebook friends and now we're not, so circumstances have changed.  I'm not really sure why I feel like I have to change my modus operandi because of him, but it is what it is.  I don't want to be all like, LOOK I'M HAPPY! and it seem like I'm trying to rub it in his face if he is reading, because that is 100% not the case.  While I might be happy, I would never want to rub that in anyone's face.  I'm just not that person, or maybe that's something I like to believe about myself?  Idk, man, idk.  Public life is hard.. even if I only have a handful of Gentle Readers.

Lets be honest, he probably doesn't still read Teh Blog and I'm just being a Paranoid Patty or a Ridiculous Ruthy.

That isn't to say I don't miss blogging.  I do.  I just don't have anything to rant about.  I have all these insecurities about getting out of the Navy and all the things that go with that.. it's a rabbit hole I'm not letting myself go down quite yet (aka, it's too early to start freakin' myself out, or freakin' out on myself).


I finally picked photos for the missing spots in the frames.  Finally.  And I also went through all my photos and cleaned up my computer hard drive and backed up my stuff on my external drive.  It was like technological spring cleaning... haha cause the first day of spring was yesterday!  I keep finding stuff that needs to be deleted or untagged on FB, but that's a process.  In my photos, I'll have a million pictures of one thing and 99% of them aren't good and they just need to be deleted, finally got around to doing some of that.  Realized that I'm an idiot and kept the watermarked photos from Australia and Scotland on my computer rather than the plain JPEGs.  Megan fail.

So rather than the 6 photos I needed to find, I found 53 options which means I might just buy another big frame for!!!  Ooooooo, or I could just photo collage in the big frame I have.  Man, decorating is hard work, but yay for having options!  Oooo or I could just print out the individual photos of the panoramics and place them in line.  OMG I'm a genius!!  I can't even handle myself.  Obviously I need to write more to sort out all my problems in life.


1.  My music collection is scary.
2.  Amazon is my work BFF.
3.  I heart all the muzaks at work (pretty sure they make me a better, nicer, Teh Megan).


I can't stop listening to this song.  I tried.  I had to play it again... and again.. and again.. and again.  And I finally downloaded the whole album.. and just listened to that one song over and over and over and over and over.  God its good I live alone and the dogs can't talk.


I think the "breakup diet" has officially ended.  I'm finally eating lunch and dinner regularly again (I had to start drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast shakes for breakfast since cereal wasn't staying down, which will continue).  I've also gotten addicted to kettle corn, which is completely the fault of Teh Greyhound Neighbors.  I can't get enough kettle corn.  I have to limit myself to 1 mini bag a day, even though I want to eat all 10 mini packages.

Even though the "diet" has ended, the working out continues.  I go to the gym every day after work, despite a sprained quad (who does that?).  I read while I'm on the elliptical and I love reading so it just works out so delightfully.  I've also added the weight machines to my sessions.  Only arms what with the retard leg, but that's ok since I've always been mostly lower body strength.  I also throw in some ab workouts here and there for the PRT, which is a-comin'.  Additionally, I try to walk the dogs at least a few times during the week when neither Phil nor I can stand Meri's incessant movement and being in our faces and omgallthethingsomglookatthisboneomgphilplaywithmeomgmompetmeomglife..  Did I mention I love her?  I have a ton of photos of her that I need to post on Phil's blog the dog blog.  Maybe this weekend?

Clean (again, ugh.  between Meri thinking my rug is the grass and the mud ughhh, the mud is everywhere).
pack for DW
give Yurtle a bath
maybe give the puppies a bath

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  1. OMG.

    I literally JUST COMMENTED on a blog about that song, talking about how EVERYONE LOVES IT AND IT'S AMAZING.


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